No more lunches from Silver Key after July 12 for members of the Woodland Park Senior Organization. “The resources we receive have been reduced and have not kept pace with the lunch programs in the region,” said John Deabueno, CEO of Silver Key Senior Services.

For the past few years, Silver Key has delivered lunches five days a week from Colorado Springs to the senior center in Woodland Park, one of 19 locations in the region that provides the noon meal.

Funded by the federal government, under the Older Americans Act through the Area Agency on Aging, the lunch program also relies on donations. The lunches are $2.25 but no eligible person is denied a meal.

In Woodland Park, donations have ranged from $2 to under 70 cents, Deabueno said. “With the expenses such as housing and medications, many seniors cannot afford more,” Deabueno said. “We’re making sure we use our resources the best we can, geographically and economically.”

Seniors in Woodland Park are not giving up. “Nothing has been settled yet but we’re going to put our heads together and figure something out,” said Susan Edwards, a member of the senior organization.

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