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History Colorado’s award-winning documentary podcast, “Lost Highways: Dispatches from the Shadows of the Rocky Mountains,” is back for its third season.

“Colorado Cannibal” Alferd Packer, the Ku Klux Klan, striking coal miners in the Coalfield War.

History Colorado’s award-winning documentary podcast “Lost Highways: Dispatches from the Shadows of the Rocky Mountains” is back for a third season with more insight into some of the state’s most notorious history. Hosts Noel Black and Tyler Hill use the collections at History Colorado, a Denver nonprofit that provides access to history through museums, historic sites, programs and more, to explore new angles on old tales.

“This podcast team has returned with their distinctive, immersive storytelling to tackle topics of justice in the West, themes that feel more relevant now than ever before,” History Colorado managing editor Natasha Gardner said. “Each episode dives deep into Colorado history but finds connections to our lives today no matter where you live.”

The first episode reveals more about Packer, a prospector who confessed to cannibalism in 1874 after he and five men traveled through the San Juan Mountains during a particularly bad winter. The podcast will dig into his trial and also look at how newspapers covered it, and how the media reports on justice today.

Episodes will be released through winter and spring. The podcast can be streamed online through iTunes and Spotify or by going to historycolorado.org/losthighways.

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