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The woman had previously spoken with her son and had some unanswered questions about his suicide. The son was in his youth now, experiencing the freedom he felt he didn’t have on earth. He said he was learning a lot; there was no blame, and he was enjoying his new life. His mom said, “he needed this.”

His mom asked, “Why did you choose to kill yourself? Why didn’t you come to me and ask for help?” This is where confusion from the son showed up. He indicated he felt restricted, limited and confused about his life. He couldn’t resolve his problems. He wanted a group that would serve as his family. He didn’t go to his mom because he thought she would feel hurt if he said he needed something from others that would be like a family. “The things in my mind would hurt you,” he said.

After the session, the mom commented that her son only had one friend. Since he had been a Marine, serving in Japan and Afghanistan, she believed by “family” he meant his fellow Marines would understand his pain and confusion more than his mom would.

It seems to me, the son is trying to let his mom and us know he doesn’t have the answers for her, because life on earth was confusing for him. He is now in a place where he can untangle his confusion and gain the health he needs to move on.

This message from heaven may give you pause to reflect on its meaning for you. If so, you may wish to meditate or take up a pen and journal. Using these methods may bring you one step closer to finding your answers.

Barbara Royal has been a resident of Teller County for 39 years. She is a Spiritual Director, certified by the Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery. Her book “In the Garden: Messages from Heaven for Life on Earth” is set to be published this fall. Her work is to let us know the departed are not lost when they leave their bodies. To reach Barbara, email Find more information on her website, Join her Facebook group at

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