Skin cancer affects millions of Americans every year, and Colorado residents are at an alarming risk due to elevation and sun exposure. May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, so Vanguard Skin Specialists is encouraging Teller County residents to examine their bodies for any new or changing spots or a sore that will not go away.

Throughout May, Vanguard is offering additional appointments so Teller County residents can be seen promptly.

Shea Kersh, PA-C lives and works in Woodland Park. “I have been practicing dermatology for 10 years, and I see a higher incidence of skin cancer among my patients here in Colorado,” she said. “Fortunately, most skin cancers are treatable and curable if detected early.”

Dermatologist and Mohs surgeon Dr. Vinh Chung added: “We offer a total body skin exam to all our patients. During a skin exam, we examine patients from head to toe. If there is a spot that is concerning, we will do a biopsy where we take a small sample to send to our dermatopathologist. If it is benign, then that is peace of mind for our patients. If it is a skin cancer, we have a highly trained team to take care of it.”

Vanguard Skin Specialists has served patients in Woodland Park for almost 10 years. The practice sees patients for skin examinations, consultations and a range of dermatological conditions. For patients who need Mohs surgery for treatment of skin cancer, the practice performs consultations in Woodland Park and surgeries in Colorado Springs.

Vanguard Skin Specialists accepts Medicare and Tricare, as well as most commercial insurances. Their Woodland Park office is at 41 Colorado 67. For more information, visit or call 355-1585.

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