Colorado Springs Christian Schools' Woodland Park campus is now offering a seventh grade. The school is offering a traditional blended seventh grade class, which combines online and in-person instruction.

When classes begin for the 2020-2021 academic year at the Colorado Springs Christian Schools Woodland Park campus next month, things will look a little different. Middle schoolers will be on campus for the first time.

Colorado Springs Christian Schools announced the expansion of its educational program to include the addition of a seventh grade at the Woodland Park campus last month, a move that school leaders said offers an additional choice to Teller County families.

“Families need this choice for their kids,” said Mary Boyles, principal of the Woodland Park campus. “The opportunity to offer a seventh grade with personalized instruction at the Woodland Park campus is truly an honor and will bring another excellent educational choice to parents in our community.”

CSCS Executive Director Diane Meeter agreed. “A lot of parents want options for their kids,” she said.

This is the second time in a year the private Christian school, which offers education “from a Christ-centered, biblical perspective,” according to its mission statement, has expanded its educational program in Woodland Park. It first offered kindergarten through fifth grade education, expanding to include sixth grade during the 2019-2020 school year.

For the 2020-2021 school year, sixth- and seventh-graders will be able to attend classes on the Woodland Park campus, a change from the previous year when sixth grade students would bus down to the CSCS main campus in Colorado Springs.

Using a traditional blended seventh grade middle school class model, core classes — Bible, language arts, science, social studies and math — will be taught online, with certified CSCS teachers in the classroom to manage the students, complete grading, develop a pace chart for the students, reteach concepts, and assist with projects and questions, Meeter said.

“The online classes are a tool that enables us to deliver excellent education in a small, personal environment,” Meeter said. Students can “go along at their learning pace, and since the classes are small, teachers can give them the attention they need.”

Seventh-graders can also choose from electives including physical education, band, choir, art, leadership, computer classes and Spanish language. Interactive, hands-on science projects with science, technology, engineering and math activities are also included in the seventh grade curriculum, according to a news release.

Boyles said she is excited for the new year and has been preparing for the expansion.

“I’ve been doing research, studying curriculum and talking with parents who are telling me they’re also excited. We’ve also been conducting interviews and accepting seventh-grade students,” Boyles said.

School begins Aug. 12 at the CSCS Woodland Park campus, 1003 Tamarac Parkway.

For more information, visit cscslions.org or contact Kathy Turner, admissions coordinator, by phone at 719-268-2188 or email at kathy.turner@cscslions.org.

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