Kyle Jones, Sarah Jones

Kyle Jones, left,

carries his son Andrew while walking with his wife, Sarah, who carries their baby, Caleb, trailing their daughter, Kaylee, at an overlook off Trail Ridge Road, above treeline at Rocky Mountain National Park

in 2014.

Rocky Mountain National Park is asking for public feedback on proposed increases to the park’s entrance and camping fees.

The proposal would raise the Daily Vehicle Entrance fee for a day pass to the park by $5, from $25 to $30. The proposal would not change the fees for weekly passes, annual passes or any of the interagency American the Beautiful passes.

The proposal would also raise overnight campground fees by $15 for winter camping at Moraine Park Campground, by $10 for group camping at Glacier Basin Campground and by $5 for summer camping at Moraine Park, Glacier Basin, Aspenglen and Timber Creek Campgrounds.

“The proposed fee increases are necessary for Rocky Mountain National Park to improve and maintain high-quality visitor services,” the park said in a statement.

“While basic park operations are funded by direct appropriations from Congress, the recreation use fees collected by the park are used to support new projects and the ongoing maintenance of park facilities that directly enhance the visitor experience.”

The park said its entrance and camping fees fund hazard tree mitigation, hiking trail repairs and improvements, campsite improvements, bear management and the restoration of historic rock walls along Trail Ridge Road.

Rocky Mountain National Park is accepting public comments on the proposed fee increases at Comments can also be sent by mail to the park's Office of the Superintendent at 1000 US Hwy 36 in Estes Park.

Public comments on the proposal will be accepted through Jan. 7.

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