An opening is in sight for a popular Pikes Peak region trail that closed last summer due to private property revelations.

At its meeting Jan. 4, Green Mountain Falls Board of Trustees is set to vote on accepting a chunk of land and reopening Catamount Trail, which leads to a waterfall and other hiking destinations, such as the meadow known as Garden of Eden and South Catamount Reservoir.

The town announced the trail closed in August. That was after a resident ordered a survey that revealed the approach to the trailhead crossed his property, along with a small stretch of the trail corridor.

Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation has purchased the property for $120,000, said the organization's real estate advisor, Jesse Stroope. The board of trustees' vote is to decide on accepting the property and adding it to town-owned land that the trail covers.

"I don't anticipate any problem" with the vote, said Green Mountain Falls Mayor Jane Newberry.

"I think there's going to be a few people that live up that way (along the road to the trailhead) that are going to miss the peace of having it closed," she said. "But I think for the most part, people are going to be happy and relieved."

Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation has previously acquired land for public enjoyment. This purchase "fits with our mission, because our mission is to protect the backscape of Green Mountain Falls and to encourage recreation," Stroope said.

As chair of the town committee overseeing parks and trails, he called Catamount Trail "the gem of our trail system" — not only accessing scenic areas, but a key connection with other paths around town.

The closure "really put an end to our hiking season," Stroope said. "So the local businesses definitely saw the impact of that."

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