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With a simple stroke of a pen

I just read that Colorado Springs set a new record in traffic deaths in 2018 and is currently on pace to break that record in 2019.

There’s probably not one person reading this who hasn’t seen or experienced distracted drivers on the roads of our great city and when you pass these distracted drivers to get as far away from them as possible, 99 percent of the time, the distracted driver is on their cellphone. I just don’t understand why our lawmakers don’t exercise their power and with a simple stroke of a pen, make any use of a handheld device while driving illegal. This simple act alone would save hundreds of lives a year.

Mike Barker

Colorado Springs


No longer in the game

Seeing how the Colorado Legislature and governor seem in favor of awarding Colorado’s Electoral College votes in accordance with the national popular voting instead of in accordance with how Coloradans vote, I have a modest proposal.

Let Colorado entirely do away with voting for presidential elections. What’s the point of the considerable cost if our own Electors aren’t going to represent us anyway? If they’re representing the will of the rest of the country, let someone else pay.

Besides, there are 13 states with more Electoral votes than our state (we have nine). We’re small fry, right? So, if Colorado isn’t going to play its few Electoral College cards for political leverage to the benefit of Colorado, don’t go through the motions. Give it up, save the money for schools or roads. Relax, take another hit, and let the rest of the country drive for us. We’re no longer in the game.

H. Wayne Hall

Colorado Springs


Don’t value the sanctity of life

The Democratic Party does not value the sanctity of life as evidenced by New York’s Reproductive Health Act (sounds nice doesn’t it?). It should have been called the Gosnell Act in honor of Democratic politicians’ hero, Kermit Gosnell.

The act permits abortion up to the moment of birth and completely removes abortion from the state’s criminal code. Other Democratic controlled states are also hastening to liberalize abortion up to the point of birth.

According to the U.S Constitution, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator...”. We are created equal by our Creator. But wait, do they believe in a Creator? I have my doubts. My opinion is, they believe we evolved unequally and it’s a matter of “survival of the fittest”. Damn the least of these. Damn the babies.

Bruce Foster

Colorado Springs


Free bubble up and rainbow stew

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s New Green Deal reads like a gripe list composed by a 1960s hippie-turned-college-professor. What the good professors at Boston University forgot to tell her before setting her loose on the world is that nearly all the environmental problems she sites (clean air, clean water, healthy and affordable food, and, uh, access to nature, etc.) were solved long ago in capitalist America. Of course now the greenies have invented the catch-all impending disaster: climate change, formerly known as global warming. As a cover story for socialism it is a subterfuge par excellence.

But the truly frightening aspect of AOC’s proposal is not the ignorance of the fact that the world cannot feed nearly eight billion people without fossil fuels, much less keep them from freezing. Nor is it the sheer stupidity of her notion of free bubble up and rainbow stew for all. It is not even the implication that the people’s contract with our government, the Constitution, matters not a whit. It is the astounding arrogance with which she presumes to make others the means to her ends. That is a trait she shares with history’s tyrants.

Jerry Varner

Colorado Springs


Need for red flag laws

I grew up rural with the vegetables on my plate from the garden and the meat from hunting season. My father provided amply and would trade venison with a cattle farmer. Crossbows, rifles, and shotguns were as essential as tillers, spades, and fertilizer.

We were taught responsibility. How to clean, store, and handle the weapons with an extreme emphasis to never aim at anything you had no intention to kill.

That same respect toward weaponry was reaffirmed during my nine years of service in the military. As a Medic in the USAF I served at Bagram Air Field Emergency Room and witnessed just how destructive a weapon can be to the human body.

That destruction hit my home town eight months after I returned from Afghanistan. An unstable student brought a semiautomatic weapon into Chardon High School, in Ohio, while my mother and two sisters were in the building, where he killed three students and injured three more.

The shooter made aggressive and threatening remarks leading up to the shooting. Had Ohio had a Red Flag Law our community would have had the opportunity to seek an Extreme Risk Protection Order, securing the weapons from an irresponsible gun owner. Instead all we could do was bury the young members of our community. I urge readers and responsible gun owners to contact their legislators today to support the 2019 Extreme Risk Law.

Amber Langsteiner

Colorado Springs

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