Clean up major intersection

“Welcome to Colorado Springs. We’re Mediocre.” That’s what a sign should say at the end of the offramp at I-25 and North Academy.

While waiting at the traffic light to turn left onto North Academy, the weeds, the barren ditches, two flattened lamp posts, and random garbage are our the first impressions given to visitors exiting the highway from Denver.

We can (and should) do better!

Our city should invest in sustainable landscaping and welcoming signage at this northern portal to our town directing them to USAFA to the west and Chapel Hills Mall to the east.

Redone I-25 sign at north end of Colorado Springs will promote 'Olympic City USA'

This would be a positive first step toward attracting both tourism and business to the second largest city in the state. Or, are we satisfied with being mediocre and not presenting ourselves as a serious commercial center that rivals Denver?

Patrick Matthews

Colorado Springs

National School Nurse Day

On May 8, we recognize school nurses by celebrating National School Nurse Day. Today’s children face more chronic health illnesses than ever before. For many children, the school nurse may be the only health professional they have access to on a regular basis.

Recently, Colorado introduced HB 1203; The School Nurse Grant Program. The bill passed both the House and Senate with strong bipartisan support and is now on the way to Governor Jared Polis for his signature. As noted within HB 1203, despite the demonstrated benefit to students and school staff of having school nurses in schools, Colorado has approximately only 630 school nurses serving nearly a million school-aged children. This shortage of school nurses is largely due to a lack of funding.

The General Assembly has declared that “providing critical funding to increase children’s access to school nurses is vital to the health and well-being of Colorado’s school children.”

When a school nurse is in a school fewer children are sent home, fewer 911 calls are made, and fewer children are seen in emergency rooms for asthma. School nurses provide routine and emergency medical care to students, advanced medical interventions, they address mental health needs, and they provide education and training to school staff.

Kudos to Colorado government leaders for making the health and safety of school-aged children in Colorado a priority. For those of you who have a child in school, consider recognizing your school nurse on National School Nurse Day.

Janice Latendresse, MSN, RN, NCSN

Colorado Springs

The series’ facts are in

On “Around the Horn” Woody Paige has consistently dissed the 76ers bench in their series against Toronto.

The facts are: in Game 1 the Toronto bench scored 10 points, the 76ers bench scored 24. In Game 2, Toronto bench 5, 76ers bench 26. In Game 3, Toronto bench 15, 76ers bench 23.

LETTERS: Dunlap's life touched many; scaring the heck out of ourselves

C’mon Woody. We’ve come to expect more of you.

Joseph DuBray

North Wildwood, N.J.

Mueller knows where danger lurks

OK! You have two groups of kids fighting on the playground. You know how the conflict started. Do you chose to enter the dispute by explaining to the principal you know how and why the side that started it did so? Or, do you prefer the principal, who saw nothing, make that decision?

This, in effect, was Bob Mueller’s problem after he submitted his findings.

Mueller, born and bred a Marine, knows where danger lurks. He wanted nothing to do with the political minefields of Washington, D.C. As such, he wanted to avoid situations where he might be accused of grandstanding or overreach.

How would you feel if you had to make a decision to announce “the President of the United States had committed a crime, but, he would not be charged?” Don’t you think you would have avoided placing yourself front and center in one of the most controversial and fractured times of American modern history?

For Mueller, modesty was the best policy!

M.A. Tkacik

Colorado Springs

Raising the retirement age

I recently received an email from our Congressman Doug Lamborn in which he stated that he had played an active role in crafting the Republican Study Committee budget for fiscal year 2020. When I reviewed that budget, I noticed that it said that Republicans want to raise the Social Security retirement age to 70.

I thought that that was rather extreme, so I called Lamborn’s office and asked if it was true that he wanted old people to work until they were 70 years old before they could receive their full Social Security Retirement benefits.

I was shocked when I was told that yes indeed that is what he wants to happen.

We all know that the tax cut for the rich and large corporations that Lamborn helped to pass increased the federal debt by nearly $2 trillion.

It is rather sad that Lamborn thinks that we need to pay for that giveaway by reducing the retirement benefits of the elderly.

Steve Waldmann


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