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We have lost our patriotism

For the last few days I stood on a stack of soapboxes to express my feelings (on social media) towards referring to July 4th as Independence Day rather than simply a date on the calendar. Some might say I was pontificating. That’s OK with me. I’ll do it again next year, the year after and every year I’m alive and have the physical and mental ability to do so. We as a nation have become too lackadaisical in showing reverence towards this patriotic day. That holds true for Veterans Day and Memorial Day as well. I’m proud to say my efforts were appreciated by many, as I saw wishes for a Happy Independence Day abound.

A front page story in The Gazette today, July 5, drives home the point. To the editorial department and writer Seth Boster my appreciation flows filled with patriotism.

To the many folks who join me in this endeavor to bring respect to this holiday by referring to it in its proper manner, I give a heartfelt thank you! To others who still (for the time being) refer to Independence Day as the 4th of July, I hope by reading this article you might be persuaded to help change the way we as a nation have lost our patriotism.

Let’s see more Happy Independence Day greetings next year and fewer references to a day on the calendar.

George Whitesell

Colorado Springs

Presentation was inspirational

Inspirational, Awesome, Patriotic, Historically accurate and truly American. These are some of the descriptors that came to mind while watching the incredible celebration of our country from Washington, DC on the Fourth of July. Every word and scene punctuated by “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”. Finally, an accurate representation of why we celebrate the Fourth of July!

Congratulations to all who sacrificed to preserve liberty. Congratulations Mr. President. This presentation truly deserves to be part of every educational history lesson for all children growing up and attending our schools, and at every swearing-in ceremony to become a citizen. May God continue to bless and guide America!

Tom Antkow

Colorado Springs

Budget for celebrations

I love all the celebrations honoring our country including the President’s Salute to America! All our cities need to budget funds for this national celebration. Why can we find millions of dollars to aid those here illegally but can’t find the funds to celebrate our country?

Paul Garcia

Colorado Springs

Shuttering the Martin Drake plant

In an editorial piece penned by the Gazette’s Editorial Board last year on March 27 entitled “The market favors helping Mother Earth,” your editors stated that economics and efficiency should and will drive the decisions to transition from coal-powered energy sources to alternative, sustainable energy sources.

Thankfully, we now have the documentation to show that time has more than arrived. A recent study conducted by the independent energy consulting firm Strategen reports that wind and solar power, along with options for purchasing power on the open market, are now cheaper than almost all Colorado coal units. Further, this analysis of all of Colorado’s coal-burning power plants shows how the state’s portfolio of coal-fired generation is economically unviable, thus burdening customers with extra costs when compared to renewable energy resources.

Strategen’s report describes how retiring all ten of Colorado’s coal plants that aren’t yet slated for retirement by 2025, would save customer’s $1.4 billion, if replaced with solar and $1.7 billion if replaced with wind.

I want to strongly urge all members of Colorado Spring Utilities Board, as well as Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) officials to examine this study and take its conclusions under serious consideration. Shuttering the Martin Drake Power plant no later than 2023 now makes more economic sense than ever. To quote The Gazette’s words again, from the March 27, 2018 editorial, “Pollution is waste, and waste costs money.”

Let’s be smart, efficient, and reduce our energy costs, passing along the future savings to CSU customers — businesses and individual ratepayers alike.

Robin Izer

Colorado Springs

Who stands against this treatment?

I just read the article published July 3, telling of the released U.S. government inspectors report with photos of migrants (human beings) in cages pleading to be helped. Where is the Republican statesmen who stand against this inhumane treatment?

Christ Jesus will say to us, I know you not, for I was hungry and you caged me. I was afraid and you caged me. I was thirsty and you caged me. I was a child of God and you caged me. For as you do for the least of my people, so you do to me.

Roberta Brown

Colorado Springs

Pay more for education

I wanted to express my opinion on school government funding. I think that schools should get paid more for materials, salaries, etc.

Did you know that the Department of Education only gets 2% of the government’s yearly budget?

Matthew Gutierrez

Colorado Springs

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