There may be some empty seats

We’ve been taking our family to Sky Sox games ever since relocating to Colorado Springs in 2001. Our kids, now 22, 18, 14, grew up going to Security Service Field every summer, having a hot dog and cheering for the hometown team. As a (broke) young family it was a great, affordable, family-friendly place and an opportunity to see near-major league baseball. So like many we bemoaned the loss of the Sky Sox but understand that change happens.

Thus we’d decided to give the Rocky Mountain Vibes a chance, get out to the ballpark and see what they’ve got — until I went to the website to buy tickets.

One thing the Vibes are not is price-friendly. $19 for lower box seats? Ownership is revamping the venue and doing what they can to pump excitement into the team, atmosphere and fan experience. As they should. We understand that the drop from AAA to A ball means a shortened season and an on-the-field product that’s inched closer to high school baseball than to the major league. But we do have a major league team (almost) in town. Tickets to the Rockpile in Coors Field can be had for $18, outfield boxes for $19 – and those are retail prices, the savvy web shopper can do better than even that.

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Hopefully Vibes’ management will consider some ‘loss-leader’ promotions or other ways to lure Colorado Springers into uchealth Park. With summer blockbuster movies in Springs’ theaters for $9 plus a plethora of other outlets competing for summer recreational dollars the prospect of dropping nearly $100 (for a family of five) just to sit down may be unappealing to many. Add to that the uncertainly of just what single-A ball may look like and the Vibes may find themselves playing before a lot of empty seats.

Derrick Wilburn

Colorado Springs

Storm brewing on the Denver horizon

Our current governor in Denver with the great majority of his party wielding their power, are out of control. This is not a government by common sense or consensus. It’s an authoritarian regime. Bent on destroying our constitutional rights, allowing criminal illegals to sneak across our sovereign borders, committing crimes once here and become squatters. Taking more than they give, while draining our treasury dry of monies that could be used better elsewhere. Giving illegals safe haven (sanctuary) while these illegals are given a pass for their crimes and expecting citizens of Colorado, American born, to obey our laws?

The first day after the Colorado Democratic party took power, they tried to sell and push through heroin injection kiosks sites, on the streets of Denver, getting the homeless and illegals even more addicted. These are the ideas they’ve continued to push, along with other malignant social engineering projects.

Raise taxes, take guns without due process and removal of parental rights — this is the current party in power. This is the Democratic party today, hateful and out of touch with the majority of Colorado citizens and Americans in general.

There is a political storm brewing on the Denver horizon, ready to install new guardians of our freedoms. We need heroes not zeroes to lead us!

Fred Little


Character matters in our society

I read Mike Rosen’s column “Trump’s critics take opposition-derangement-syndrome to new lows”, in which you debunk some of the extreme criticisms of Donald Trump (that he “undermines freedom of speech”, “threatens our democracy”, “is another Hitler”). But, granting your points, your implication — that all of Trump’s critics are therefore wrong — is not supported by your argument. Furthermore, how do you ignore Trump’s conduct --such as his numerous instances of apparent deliberate inaccurate statements, aka lies; and attempts to discredit news stories he doesn’t like by calling them “fake news”?

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I understand you saying you voted for Trump “with no regrets” because his policies are “a far sight better” than Hillary Clintons. But do you not see that having as our leader an individual who (as Walter Williams phrased it) nobody would mistake for a man of good character, is degrading our society as well as our politics? (Did you miss his re-election rally in Florida a few days ago, in which he is still encouraging (smiling and pausing) his audience to chant “lock her up” about a previous political opponent?)

Character matters in our society. It is regrettable that you have let your political opinions obscure that fact.

Jeff Hale

Colorado Springs

This is big climate news

When a prestigious institution, right next to Harvard, reports that during a worldwide climate warming, parts of the central U.S. have seen temperatures cooler by as much as a full degree Celsius, with rain increasing 35%, that’s big news. When MIT studied and determined that the size of the manmade crop canopy was the culprit; that’s truly astounding. The same conditions were observed in Southern China where there are huge concentrations of intensive farming. Since 1950 corn production in U.S. has gone from 2 billion bushels to more than 15 billion bushels in 2017.

The culprits in all this are: Photosynthesis and evapotranspiration. Scientists and water people understand these terms, and live and die with their definition. How long this trend will last is a question, up for grabs; but many soap box opera dilemmas arise, such as: will Al Gore boycott corn ethanol type fuels in his farm vehicles, and how will Octavio Cortez integrate this latest data into her New Green Deal? Curious readers of The Gazette can find the research report on the M.I.T. web site, as well as at “Geophysical Research Letters.”

Note: This news appeared Feb. 2019 in Progressive Farmer article by Bryce Anderson.

Jack Flobeck

Colorado Springs

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