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The old St. Francis Hospital building east of downtown Colorado Springs.

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Use what we have

Having read the letter of Matthew Dagostino in The Gazette on Monday, Dec. 24, I heartily agree. There is a “simple local solution.”

The old St. Francis Hospital, slightly east of downtown, sits empty with broken windows. What better place for individual rooms with private bathrooms, rooms in which to congregate and a cafeteria?

I am teaching my son to use what we have, so why doesn’t the city of Colorado Springs just use what we have? Use of St. Francis is a “simple, local solution.”

There are a few apartment buildings for the elderly where rent is based on their income, but they are few and waiting lists are long. I believe no physically or mentally handicapped person or any mentally ill person should have to live on the streets, unless they choose to do so. The old hospital would be ideal for group homes for the disabled and for affordable housing.

Jessie Cooper

Manitou Springs


Ignorant assertions unmasked

Many letters to the editor expose grave misunderstanding of essential functions of the federal government, encouraged by the president. Some have stated that civil servants do not work even if they are paid.

Others broadcast that welfare funds be used to build the wall because welfare recipients don’t work and don’t deserve the support. The moral (or immoral) aspects of these ignorant assertions are unmasked by those who care.

There are objective consequences that most do not appreciate. These include: retroactive pay when the government opens for business again, revenue lost by businesses that depend on federal employees, finance and borrowing costs for immediate personal obligations, compromises to health and safety, and hiatus in contracts. Most government work is performed by contractors. The government no longer builds ships and aircraft in government facilities with federal employees. Government buildings are not cleaned or maintained by federal employees. Localities with concentrations of military or federal employees often enjoy “impact funds” to offset the local costs of increased traffic, schools, and more. The shutdown affects almost all of our economy.

The government enjoys “sovereign immunity.” You cannot seek redress from the government unless the government allows you. For example, any government contract can be suspended or canceled peremptorily. If the government lacks funds for contract progress payments, the contractors are out of work. If this happens without warning, work in progress is abandoned.

Those who are most happy about the shutdown might be the first to feel the pain. Particularly in Colorado Springs.

David Finkleman

Colorado Springs


Major language is not English

Re:”Why can’t we learn to speak proper English?”, Jan. 3. Where most intellectuals, like Cal Thomas fail to opinion is that the major language of the Americas is not English. It’s Spanish. Followed by Portugese and American English, which is confined to parts of the United States of America. Most Spanish, Portugese and U. S. natives do not speak the language of their origin. They speak American and native language of their country, ie. Brazilian Portugese, Mexican. American English, etc. Its hard for a later immigrant like Thomas and other immigrants to accept facts of their new adopted country. Especially immigrants that find that there is no proper English, Spanish or Portugese. It has morphed with native speakers and other German, Polish, Chinese, Hebrew to be American English.

As we are so fond of hearing from so-called intellectuals that believe natives of the Americas, should “go back to your country,” Thomas should be their leader and do so. For purity and our sake.

Colleen Soux

Colorado Springs


Hypocrisy with Pelosi, Schumer

The Democrats said nothing when Barack Obama sent over $500 billion to a tarmac in Iran, to promote “peace” with Iran. Iran has been the largest sponsor of terrorism for many years and still is today.

President Donald Trump is only asking for $5 billion to build something strong to prevent our country from being invaded! Two years ago, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and many other Democrats supported a lot more than $5 billion for a border wall. Such hypocrisy with Pelosi and Schumer when they now refuse to fund even the meager $5 billion.

The illegals are costing our country hundreds of billions in health care, law enforcement and education every year. They are also coming in with measles, pneumonia, chicken pox, and many other not good things! Time to support President Trump and build the wall!

Cheri Ofner

Colorado Springs


Understanding the Electoral College

It is ironic that Susan Craig started her letter by saying that she now understands how the Electoral College works (“This is the 21st Century” on Jan. 3). The Electoral College doesn’t balance power between rural and urban voters. It balances power between large states and small states. It prevents the states with large populations from dictating all of the outcomes at a national level. Because of the Electoral College (and because there are two senators per state), her vote here in urban Colorado Springs carries more weight than a vote placed in rural California or rural New York.

Regardless of the outcomes in recent presidential elections, abolishing the Electoral College would be harmful to us in Colorado because it would reduce our influence on the national stage.

Michael Hanratty

Colorado Springs

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