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With snow and poor visibility, thick traffic heads north and south on Interstate 25 near Baptist Road on Wednesday.

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This is Colorado after all

Another full day of local news hyping the severe storm headed our way Wednesday. Dire warnings to stay off the roads, to stay in, to pack at least 12 hours of emergency supplies in your car if you must go out, imminent blizzard conditions, dangerous winds nearing hurricane strength, etc. School and business closures were all too common.

It seems the media should treat potential weather events more realistically and avoid using them as broadcast opportunities. Schools should stay open unless there is a legitimate reason to close them. This is Colorado.

Randall Kouba

Colorado Springs

Bring sanity back to UCCS

Some things make me cringe in disbelief. At the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, there’s a rule for student groups that forbids them from requiring people in leadership to adhere to the groups’ beliefs. That’s crazy. It means they could end up with Republicans in charge of Democrat groups, animal haters in charge of PETA groups, etc. This is the sort of thing that can happen when we worship at the altar of “inclusiveness.”

Apparently even reason must bow to that deranged goddess.

Thankfully, one aspiring student Christian group — Ratio Christi — has brought a lawsuit against UCCS for refusing to recognize or register their group. The members want the group’s creed to restrict leadership to Christians, which is more than simply reasonable: It’s natural, good and sane. I hope they win.

Alexander Daube

Colorado Springs

Two lifesaving organizations

Thank you for providing to this community the excellent series on mental heath. As a parent ignorant of bipolar disorder late in the 1990s and faced with that diagnosis in an adult son, trying to navigate a system as it was then nearly left me bereft of hope in being able to get help for him.

Fortunately, a friend introduced me to two literally lifesaving national organizations with outstanding local affiliates, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and Depression and Bipolar Disorder Alliance (DBSA) where we initially encountered a blessing by the name of Karen Fallahi.

I urge anyone with a mental illness or having a loved one with one to get in touch with one or both of these organizations that provide help, support, advocacy and education free!

I particularly mention NAMI’s Family-to-Family educational course where my understanding and whole perspective about mental illness changed my life and helped my son to a productive life.

In truth, this is not always an outcome, and a lifetime of vigilance is necessary with these illnesses, but learning, at the very least, the coping skills for whatever must be faced in the future, is invaluable time spent.

In appreciation of the leadership of NAMI’s Lori Jarvis-Steinwert and so very many volunteers who have gone before, and currently provide the gratitude and riches to be found in the mental health journey,

Gayle Rappold

Colorado Springs

Always check your premises

Phil Mella’s column in Monday’s editorial section about the dubious nature of climate change studies was excellent and very timely. It reminds me of an old management mantra; check your premises. Before taking actions that could have disastrous consequences, you should carefully review why you are taking the actions.

This advice is very applicable to current actions being considered to combat climate change. It will cost us trillions to convert our energy infrastructure to renewable sources.

Most of the previous predictions from these studies have proved to be wrong; it’s not getting hotter, sea levels aren’t rising, blizzards are still blowing through the plains in March, and April is still mud month.

Coal is a great source of energy, and it is available to power our economy for hundreds of years. Natural gas is even better, and nuclear energy would be an endless source if we could get over the stigma of using it.

Renewables are a pipe dream that will cripple our energy infrastructure.

Let’s check our premises before we commit to a very expensive plan.

Rip Blaisdell

Woodland Park

Changing our Constitution

Is there such a thing as mass insanity? If so, could the term “tyranny of the majority” apply?

Why not blame Queen Victoria? Wasn’t it her grandchildren who were major players in world wars? Take Kaiser Wilhelm and Czar Nicholas, both grandsons of a dysfunctional mother/grandmother but enduring queen.

The extreme reaction to Germany’s defeat in World War I led to the economic collapse of Germany and the rise of Hitler.

So what? If Hitler’s rise to power was layered, with an electoral college, the moorings of social sanity could have broadened German recovery and led to world citizenship that precluded World War II.

Likewise, without the Electoral College, both Al Gore and Hillary Clinton would have been president.

Gore’s election may have changed the dynamics of 9/11, but Hillary’s election would have put a police state in control, not unlike a counterpoint in Russia under Putin’s KGB.

So who wants to change our Constitution and drop layers of protection? Putin. Wouldn’t be a bad guess.

At that point, even Hitler could control this “tyranny of the majority.”

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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