Drake Power Plant (copy)

The elephant in the room

A recent article “Despite ozone alerts, Pikes Peak region’s air quality better this year” was a good article, but it completely missed the elephant in the room.

The article states: “Colorado Springs’ downtown coal-fired power plant is adjusting its operations to cut down on pollution on hot, sunny days that are expected to be particularly smoggy.”

Completely overlooked was the fact that Drake Unit No. 6 has been down for repairs all summer!

Drake No. 6 is the oldest, most inefficient unit of an old and outdated coal plant, and these repairs will cost the ratepayers at least $1 million. (Final total is not available yet.)

One would hope that Colorado Springs Utilities does the right thing by retiring this aged unit, instead of dumping more money into it, but apparently that’s not going to happen.

Nicole Rosa

Colorado Springs

Protect our first responders

As the son of a police officer (now deceased), I watched with great interest the news conference in New York City, asking for the state of New York to protect our men and women in “Blue”, from further harassment on the very streets that they are charged to protect.

Let’s discuss the real “racism” in our country: Punks vs. Blue. The Judiciary vs. Law Enforcement.

From all of the video clips that have been posted, the vast majority of the offenders, were youthful, and of many races. The “victims” of these despicable, liquid tossing perpetrators, were all wearing Blue. Just performing their sworn duty. There, responding to a cry for help, and to protect, them!

The victims, arrived, regardless of their race, creed, national origin, gender or color. The only thing the responders had in common, were that they all were wearing Blue.

Now it’s up to the New York State Legislature to proclaim, that any action of this nature, and for the courts around this country, as well, to respond in kind, and legislate, appropriate action.

Declare that this atrocious behavior, should be deemed a felony, and stopped. Enact this law, protect our first responders from the “racism” against our heroes, especially those in Blue.

Set an example to all, that anyone wearing blue, displaying a badge, or donning a uniform, deserves respect, not “racist” behavior.

Tom Antkow

Colorado Springs

Open your homes and wallets

Re: The Silence is Deafening, July 28. Jamie Berry seems to feel we are obligated as Christians to rescue all of Latin America and other refugees at our southern border.

She’s right: Our silence is deafening. And since she has professed to believe, as all warm-hearted folk believe, that we must take in the world’s refugees and help and support all who arrive with our endless tax dollars, I have a solution.

Berry and all like-minded people should publish their names and addresses on public forums. They need to tell us how many refugees they will host and help support in their homes, assist financially, and for how long. Never mind that we have our own families, slums with poor, homeless people, drug addicts, crumbling infrastructure in our cities, a failing education system, disabled needy vets, a Social Security administration that is going bankrupt, etc., we are obligated.

Our tax dollars are not endless. There seems to be a limit to what our borders can take in. I read where about 93% of the illegals are on assistance and that includes free education, so please step up to the plate if you feel so inclined. Give us names of those of you who will volunteer to open your homes and wallets. Every time I ask anyone how many they will host in their homes I draw a deafening silence.

Donna T. Hartley

Black Forest

Leave the rest of us alone

So most of the Democratic presidential hopefuls are promising “universal health care”, with a huge tax increase on the American middle class coupled with the loss of our private insurance, but, they say, the American people will save “in the long run.”

Several of those wannabes are attempting to convince the American citizens that the citizenry will be able to purchase “supplemental” insurance, at their leisure, under this goofy idea.

So how is that a savings? Do away with the medical plan that I like and want (as well as my choice of doctor), increase my taxes exponentially and then, on top of all of that, I have to pay more money out-of-pocket for supplemental insurance ... that I didn’t want in the first place. Again, how is that a savings?

So, are all of these elitist public servants going to be the first ones in line to sign up for this plan? Are they going to fall under the same health care system as all of the rest of us, or will they continue to get the “Cadillac Care” they now enjoy at Bethesda Naval Hospital?

Sure, I want the Congress/government that can’t even legislate the security of our sovereign borders to control my health care. Why not simply suck the 30 million uninsured (they refer to every day) into Medicare, and leave the rest of us alone? How about that?

I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

John Erskine

Colorado Springs

Benefits of online education

When I was in brick-and-mortar school, I was the student who enjoyed being in the classroom. This all changed when I was placed in a class where I was bullied. Other students called me “crazy girl,” broke my school supplies, and taunted me throughout the year.

When I couldn’t take the bullying anymore, I made the switch to Destinations Career Academy of Colorado.

Attending school online took me out of a negative environment and gave me a place where I was supported in my learning. Online school also allowed me to focus on my studies and passions without worrying about the opinions of others.

I graduated from high school a few years ago and now attend Oklahoma City University. Without online school, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today.

Erin White


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