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TSA officers check passengers as they go through the full-body scanners at the Colorado Springs Airport.

Thank you from the TSA

On behalf of TSA at the Colorado Springs Airport, I’d like to thank the airport, airlines, and the good people of this city for supporting and encouraging our officers during the recent government shutdown. This was a difficult time for our officers, but they stayed focused on their mission to keep travelers safe. We received many thoughtful donations of food and other goods. But I think what meant the most to our officers were kind words of support from so many of our passengers. Thank you for making us feel valued and appreciated, and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

Sam Sheesley, TSA Assistant Federal Security Director

Colorado Springs Airport

Replacing city’s curbs and gutters

I voted for 2C to get badly needed resurfacing of terrible streets. I have seen some good results of that in my neighborhood, for example, North Carefree and Inspiration. Very nicely resurfaced, However, I do not recall anything in the literature previous to the 2C vote about replacing miles, yes miles, of curbs and gutters that does not appear to have needed replacing. See North Carefree and the preparations underway on South Carefree.

I understand the necessity of putting in the federally mandated handicap crossings at intersections — and believe they should be done.

But, would someone in the street department please explain:

Why miles and miles of curb where what was there seemed (to the normal observer) to be perfectly good curb there? Was there explanation given prior to our voting that this would occur?

Rod Summitt

Colorado Springs

Erratic weather conditions

It’s no myth that Colorado’s climate has been significantly changing over the last few decades. The state’s average temperatures have risen by 2 degrees Fahrenheit in the past 30 years, putting Colorado in the top 20 fastest-warming states since 1970. These temperature rises are causing heat waves to be more intense, snowmelt to occur earlier, and less water flow through the Colorado River. And the risk of forest fires only grows as droughts dry out our soils, causing fires to have more devastating impacts in more arid conditions.

These erratic weather conditions of snow one day and springlike conditions another are becoming a continual occurrence and leading snowpack to melt more quickly. Additionally, reduced snowpack shortens the skiing season and other forms of winter tourism and recreation that the state relies on for tourism revenue.

As an intern with Defend Our Future, a nonpartisan environmental advocacy group at CSU, I request that you, everyone reading this, make your voices heard to prioritize climate change and climate action. The most effective way to do this is by calling on our elected senators and representatives and encourage them to vote and fight for legislation to mitigate these issues and make climate change a priority in the new Congress for our safety, health and wallets.

Morgan Brown

Fort Collins

Education is a wonderful thing

This letter comes from a big house in a Bidayuh tribe village in a Borneo rainforest, where I am ending a weeklong home stay.

David, the father of the home, trudged two hours to elementary school on a jungle path. At school, where he could not bring his home-prepared rice portion into the classroom, his lunch was often stolen by dogs and he went hungry.

He says that the future brightened when he and his brother became the family’s first secondary students at a British-run mission school. The school was strict: the students had to line up silently and had to keep the tableware from making any noise at meals. But he is grateful because the strict discipline kept the boys’ thoughts off bad things.

David’s ethnic Chinese wife, an elementary teacher, was persistent in educating their three sons, who all became university graduate engineers while learning Mandarin and English in addition to their native Bidayuh, Hokkien dialect of Chinese and Malay.

I am a retired Colorado Springs public school teacher and a Republican. I support school choice, but more fundamentally I am a Republican because public school government should be Lincoln’s “by the people, for the people,” instead of the Democrats’ “by the private corporation teachers’ union, for the private corporation teachers’ union.”

Yet when I asked a prominent county Republican which party the people view as the party of education, he admitted, “The Democratic Party.”

Education is a wonderful thing.

Being known as the party of education is also a wonderful thing. We Republicans should spare no effort to regain this distinction in the view of the people.

James Sayler

Colorado Springs

How can people still defend this?

Donald Trump supporters like Larry Ross in the Feb. 6 letters to the editor would be laughable if they didn’t repeat so many lies and mixed metaphors (like elephants in the room we don’t forget) and rehash old news, like Hillary Clinton etc.

The Democrats have only held power a month. Congress when controlled by the Republicans never had hearings on Trump’s wall, a wall that he repeatedly stated Mexico would pay for and repeated untrue accusations that Democrats are for open borders. What they are for is border security, not an antiquated wall.

Robert Mueller is a Republican, Rod Rosenstein was appointed by Trump so how can this be a partisan witch hunt? This is a president who in 745 days has told 8,459 lies, a fact glossed over by most Trump supporters and evangelicals. This is an administration that separated children from their parents at the border and now has admitted that they cannot reunite thousands of these children. A president who repeatedly denied his affairs and payoffs to a porn star and a Playboy bunny.

And proven to be the liar he is; 34 associates and companies with ties to him have been indicted. There are your obvious illegalities. I truly, in the face of all the verified facts, don’t get how people still defend this president.

Gail Calloway

Colorado Springs

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