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Teachers need to be supported

We keep hearing about all of these teachers going on strike around the country. I have been teaching elementary school for almost 20 years and I’m here to tell you that as a city, community, society, we better back these teachers up and make sure something gets done.

The people in charge of education are making this job absolutely impossible, and it’s not just the teachers suffering. It’s our kids. Our kids are in class with 28 other students, many of which have major behavior concerns and/or academic challenges.

The teachers cannot meet all of the needs in the classroom. Every year, the expectations get higher and higher, while the kids we’re getting are lower and lower, due to so many of the issues we are now seeing in our communities.

The people making decisions for our schools are not teachers, and they do not get it! They don’t get that we need fewer standards, fewer people telling us what to do and how to do it.

Teachers need to be supported and treated like the professionals they are. They are working so hard for our kids, and they want to do what’s best for kids but that is so far from where education is headed that they are unable to meet the growing needs in today’s classroom.

Write to your school board, representatives, whoever it takes to get something done.

Ruth Baxter

Colorado Springs

A bright spot in a visitor’s day

I write today to commend your newspaper — both on content and customer service. I visit family here frequently and am so happy to be able to receive home delivery during that time.

It is a touchstone to my regular routine at home, and I am most appreciative of the gentleman who brings it right to the door mat so faithfully and the always helpful and friendly people at customer care. The paper is an excellent blend of international, national and local news.

The reporting is top notch, and I also like the beautiful nature pictures on Page 2 and the Old Colorado pictures and information. I especially enjoy the range of columnists on your editorial page.

My 6-year-old granddaughter and I love to do the Jumble and Spot the Difference puzzles together.

I am passionate about journalism and local news reporting. At home in Virginia I subscribe to three newspapers: The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star. I am pleased to add The Gazette to the list of papers that I read and enjoy.

Keep up the good work, and thank you for this bright spot in my Colorado days.

Peggy Carlson

Fredericksburg, Va.

Need effective immigration system

The House Congressional Judiciary Committee is conducting hearings on immigrant family separation policy.

The Trump administration has clearly committed atrocities by: illegally separating thousands of immigrant children from their parents, carelessly losing untold numbers of these children, deporting hundreds of immigrant parents without their children, and subjecting these innocent children to severe detentions/imprisonments. A federal U.S. District Court has found these actions to be absolutely illegal.

But aside from that, just think about it. Visualize the extreme emotional pain and suffering caused to these poor children and their families.

Our government must act with the compassion, kindness, moral fiber and, yes, greatness for which our country has been known for almost two and a half centuries.

We need a uniform, equitable, humane, and effective immigration system, not a crushing, excessive, and haphazard wielding of terror against desperate immigrants trying to save their families.

There must be immigration limits, a selection process, and border control. This problem can be solved by predominant political factions working together in applying our nation’s considerable intellectual resources.

H. Harvey Album

Colorado Springs

Becoming victims of change

The battle lines are becoming clearer. The once blur of having Democratic moderates has been erased. Democrats now stand for everything that would destroy this country. Their policies lead to the murder of hundreds of thousands of babies via abortion. While some say, “I don’t personally stand for abortion,” their silence allows the genocide to continue.

Socialism drives the Democrat view of government. They want to take from those of us who have worked hard for what we have and give our resources to many who don’t want to work. Their policies on the Second Amendment are slowly eroding the rights of legal gun owners.

In the last state election, many people stayed home and allowed these people to be elected. What do we do now? Well, you need to first become aware of what they are doing and its future impact on us. Stop aimlessly browsing and start getting smart on the issues.

Secondly, you need to make your friends aware of these issues. Many are still asleep as their rights are being slowly taken away.

Next, you need to get your church, yes, your church, involved. Separation of church and state means the state should not get involved in church business. Pastors should address these cultural issues. Lastly, someone needs to address the murderous abortion policies of the Democratic Party.

This country was established with a divine purpose. Unless we get involved and become agents of change, we will be victims of change. Many of us fought to keep this nation from the current crop of anti-American politicians. If you are reading this, get going.

Donald Garrison

Colorado Springs

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