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Jones Hall at the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind campus during renovations in 2017.

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Support the most qualified applicant

As a deaf person and a working deaf professional in the field of rehabilitation and education, I find the comments of Jessica Needs (“Pick for new Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind superintendent meets resistance”, Feb. 1) inaccurate. I believe that any person, no matter deaf or hearing, should become CSDB’s superintendent, as long as he/she is qualified.

Hearing people that can communicate in sign language have helped me both in school and my career. At the same time, I cannot guarantee that a deaf superintendent will be helpful towards deaf and hard of hearing person’s education. For example, Rachel Stone, the deaf superintendent at California School for the Deaf, Riverside (CSDR), was terminated after only two years.

In 2001, CSDR has hired both deaf and hearing superintendents, and except for Dr. Stone, all of them served CSDR well. I am sure of that because I have graduated from CSDR. I have also seen examples of both hearing and deaf superintendents fare well and poorly in various places.

As a member of the deaf community of Colorado and a private citizen, I am asking that Jessica Needs and the deaf community of Colorado Springs and CSDB keep an open mind, and give whomever is the superintendent a fair chance, regardless if that person is deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing, and support whomever the CSDB board thinks is the most qualified.

Bill Gropp

Colorado Springs


No end to the division

As a person who voted for Donald Trump, I am continually frustrated by the legal obstruction by the Democratic Party and Mueller team. I am however encourage by the progress of this president in spite of leftists’ tactics.

The elephant in the room is the obvious illegalities of Hillary Clinton. Any military person will tell you that had they put one piece of classified information on an unclassified server, they would be in jail. Clinton did this many times over and surprisingly still walks free.

In addition the refusal to give the president the money for the border wall in outright shameful. Many of the same politicians who previously touted the value of a wall now say it’s immoral to build a wall. While we give billions in foreign aid to tin horn dictatorships, we refuse to give money to the president to help protect us.

People are getting more frustrated each day. Sadly, there seems to be no end to the left’s trying to destroy this president or anyone who supports him.

Anti-Trumpers need to keep in mind that what goes around comes around. What they don’t realize is that like the elephant in the room, we don’t forget that easily — common folks like us are not RINO politicians. So, to the left, you’d better make the best of this because we are keeping notes.

Larry Ross

Colorado Springs


Cause for greater concern

Misplaced priorities seem to be frequent. Our former governor and current senator have both called for the governor of Virginia to resign.

Amazingly, in less than a week Ralph Northam has dramatically shown he’s really not worthy of his office. But why should he resign? Over a photo that was taken 30-plus years ago that was really dumb and insensitive and offensive? Or over his nonchalance that a baby born alive wouldn’t be protected or saved?

Sure the picture is bad, but is that why we kick someone out of office? Wouldn’t a physician that says, “Oh we might save this child or maybe not” be cause for greater concern? The photo was horrible but (to my knowledge) he didn’t say African American people have no rights and need to be killed and that he will further laws to deny them life and protection. Yet he said that about all of Virginia’s children — black, white, Hispanic, etc.

Shouldn’t calling him out and showing his inability to govern be based on one, things he’s actively doing and saying and two, showing he cares nothing for his citizens’ lives versus an extremely old and irrelevant photo?

Sarah Brown

Colorado Springs


It’s the coverup, not just the deed

Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia, should resign, but not for the reasons most are citing. Once again, it is the coverup, not the deed itself. People who have made mistakes, repented and learned from them can be valuable teachers and leaders. Northam’s coverup of the photo in his medical school yearbook showing one man in blackface and another in full KKK regalia, after his initial admission, shows the opposite of repentance and learning; it shows ego and arrogance. And this is the man who repeatedly accused his 2017 gubernatorial election opponent of being a racist.

We must open our minds and hearts to those who, like all of us, have made mistakes, and then like some of us, have repented and benefitted from those mistakes. Currently, our PC culture does not allow for that. Northam is the opposite, and must be cast aside along with all of the other arrogant and self-serving “leaders.”

Will Luden

Colorado Springs


Super Bowl defense was incredible

Living in Colorado, but being a Patriots fan, I have heard nothing but how boring this Super Bowl was. It was, perhaps one of the greatest chess matches ever, by two of the greatest, Bill Belichick and Wade Phillips. Anyone who understands football, knows we may never see another Tom Brady in our lifetime. At 41, he is playing a young man’s game, and does it well. You may hate him but he has earned respect. He could not do what he wanted and Jared Goff was held scoreless.

I’m sorry the Broncos were not in it but the defense for both teams was incredible. I am sorry people were bored, but it was never forgettable

Larry Guerin

Colorado Springs

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