Academy and Maizeland
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The intersection of Academy Boulevard and Maizeland Road.

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Springs is more than Tejon, Nevada

I know the city fathers watch after the downtown area pretty close, but they need to broaden their view to other parts of the city.

The corner of Maizeland and Academy has been developed and College America has improved the landscape, but areas that the city maintain are highly neglected.

The city extends farther than just Tejon and Nevada.

Jean Iliff

Colorado Springs

Maybe this is the plan

City Council member Jill Gaebler argued that “the council makes land use decisions all the time, even when some are unhappy with the outcome.” What if the council passes the building of all these side yard building units and then tells the citizens who built them they will now be used for the hopeless, homeless, useless vagrants?

Maybe this is the plan by Gaebler and Richard Skorman down the road.

Ronald D. Kunzelman

Colorado Springs

Entire assessment process flawed

Regarding Dave Philipps’ letter concerning the closure of Sesame Canyon by the U.S. Forest Service: “Decision was bad management”. The Bear Creek Watershed Restoration Environmental Assessment was flawed. As an active participant in the 2015 assessment process, two crucial factors necessary to correlate human-caused erosion versus trout population were neglected. First, historic trout population surveys were never disclosed to the public in the assessment. I was able to receive them under a Confidential FOIA Request; the history is quite telling. Secondly, the Vsediment analysis utilized a stream as standard which bears no geological nor hydrological semblance to Bear Creek.

The Bear Creek Assessment was a case of bad management of our natural resources by the Forest Service.

James Komadina

Colorado Springs

Potholes, cracks on aging highway

I have found it interesting for the last few years how our local governments have put so much effort into promoting tourism as well as making every possible effort into creating growth in our local economy. We now live in a county with a population of approximately 700,000 people. I have lived here for 50 years. During that time, U.S. 24 has had two lanes of traffic in each direction with minor entrance and exit lane tweaks. It is our only highway that takes us directly into the mountains. All 700,000 of us! No one has talked about making it wider or even if it is possible.

During tourist season and many weekends the traffic has become awful. Now in addition to the traffic the road surface has become deplorable between 8th. St. and Manitou Springs. The potholes and cracks are becoming dangerous with many drivers swerving around to avoid them.

I wish that CDOT would talk about their intentions to deal with the road surface and plans to widen the road that is the major tourist gateway to our county and to the nearby mountain towns.

Gary Ammarell

Manitou Springs

Response to letters in Sunday’s paper

“Seniors not on the public dole” — the writer, and readers, should be informed that it was not Sen. Dick Durbin who called “senior citizens ‘the Greediest Generation’ as he compared Social Security to a milk cow.” That statement, although slightly different and with some context needed, was made by former Wyoming Sen. Alan Simpson in 2010.

Now on to: “End fetal tissue research”. When studying ways to prevent harmful viruses from entering a developing fetus or methods of preventing serious birth defects, fetal tissue may be absolutely essential to the research. Neither the author of the letter nor I is qualified to determine that. Sad as it may be to lose a fetus, doesn’t it make sense to use fetal tissue that would otherwise be discarded to provide scientific information to help future fetuses escape debilitating defects or infections?

Betty Fannin

Colorado Springs

Someone tell them that recess is over

I couldn’t agree with Peggy Noonan more. (“Big tech has become too powerful, abusive”, June 10). The current Congress is too stupid to lead on anything. Their self-interest and lobbyist-bought policies are a disgrace. I don’t know if it is just because I’m now a senior citizen and now have a more critical look at Congress, but I have never seen a more sophomoric or juvenile bunch of people that calls themselves Congress.

They behave like gradeschool kids on the playground with their bickering. I wish someone would tell them that recess is over, and there are problems that need to be addressed.

Dennis Roesler

Colorado Springs

Liberal indoctrination camp

Colorado Mountain College should put out a job submission request, published nationally, before they hand a choice job — a deanship — to the highly controversial and widely unpopular, unpopular at least within the Aspen business community, to outgoing Aspen mayor Steve “Sayonara” Skadron. I think Skadron is an anti-business, left-wing ideologue. Skadron would never win a deanship through a national competitive process, a process that we citizens must demand that public institutions uphold.

Skadron got an under-the-table, sweetheart deal from unaccountable liberal bureaucrats who want to grease the skids to take CMC on a leftward lurch. I say, we citizens should demand that Skadron’s job offer be rescinded. A proper vetting process to all applicants across the U.S. should follow and a competitive job offer should ensue. Let Skadron compete with the dozens or perhaps hundreds of other applicants. Otherwise, the rational conclusion is obvious, CMC’s bureaucrats want to turn our institution of higher learning into a liberal indoctrination camp.

John Hornblower

Snowmass Village

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