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School security in Texas

Last fall we visited our granddaughter’s elementary school in Texas. This is the sign that greeted us as we prepared to enter the school with our son and daughter-in-law. (See above)

They have a double door system, both doors can only be opened from inside the school. Both have cameras to view the person or persons wishing to enter. You must be an authorized person or with an authorized person to enter, i.e., parents or guardians. You are then given a sticker that you are required to wear showing that you are authorized to be in the building.

Michael L. Larsen

Colorado Springs

Social Security will be insolvent

Rebuttal to, “Raising the retirement age”:

Steve Waldman writes, “I noticed it said that Republicans want to raise the Social Security retirement age to 70.” Waldman then goes on to state, “We all know that the tax cut for the rich and large corporations that Lamborn helped to pass increased the federal debt by nearly $3 trillion.”

The problem with the entire letter by is Waldman is conflating the national budget with Social Security. They are two entirely different funds. Tax increases or cuts have nothing to do with Social Security funding. Social Security funding comes from employees and employers contributing 6.2% for a total of 12.4% of employee earnings. The statement about, “tax cuts for the rich....’ has no bearing on Social Security.

We have a serious national problem; Social Security will be insolvent in 2034. The Democrats choose not to act on the matter while Republicans are attempting to save the program. Saving Social Security is going to have to involve either raising the withholding or increasing the age for retirement. Ignoring the problem will not make the 2034 date go away.

Lawrence K. Nutter

Colorado Springs

Technicality cost team a goal

Gabriel Landeskog getting called off sides (costing the Colorado Avalanche a goal) as he had his back to the play and was making a line change, is the same as you or I getting a speeding ticket for going 26 in a 25 mph speed zone. We know that technically we did commit a violation, but would be livid that we had to pay a fine.

Matthew Compton

Colorado Springs

Disappearing bees is a critical issue

Many thanks for Debbie Kelley’s article (May 12) on the disappearing honeybees. This is a critical issue for us all even when we are not beekeepers. Research in the past year on the insect apocalypse is most easily seen by those of us who remember long road trips when we had to stop frequently to clean the bugs off the windshield. No longer an issue. We can all help support honeybees and native bees by planting native flowers, shrubs and trees in at least a corner of our yards.

There are over 500 species of native bees in Colorado, most solitary, non-stinging and often critical for pollinating certain plants. Audubon Rockies and the Colorado Native Plant Society have developed the Habitat Hero program which advocates for more native landscaping for the pollinators and birds. Natives require less water and care once established and are more evocative of place than Kentucky bluegrass and non-native trees and plants.

Avoiding use of non-organic lawn and garden chemicals also will help pollinators, birds, and pets.

Judith Rice-Jones

Colorado Springs

UCCS handled matter appropriately

I am writing to commend the CU leadership for its handling of the Ratio Christi matter at UCCS.

When this matter first became public, it was disappointing to learn that UCCS would not register or recognize a religious student group that required its leaders to agree with the group’s religious beliefs.

By treating such groups as “discriminatory,” this policy effectively said that the churches and faith-based organizations in our community are no different than a secular business that refuses to hire Jews or Muslims.

But our civil rights laws rightly send a different message. Indeed, virtually every civil rights employment law in the country, including Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act, exempts religious organizations from the requirement not to discriminate based on religion.

Christian student groups played an important role in helping me to develop spiritually, emotionally and intellectually, and to contribute to the broader university community. The decision to open the CU campuses to religious student groups will enrich these communities.

Stuart Lark

Colorado Springs

Babies are not an inconvenience

Good for the state of Georgia for having the decency to stand up for the unborn children. A woman cannot get an abortion in that state after six weeks.

Many in Hollywood are up in arms and threatening not to work in the state of Georgia now. They say women’s rights are being violated. Here is what I say. ... if you have not decided to end your pregnancy in six weeks time, then have the baby and give to the thousands of couples who would welcome a child and give the baby a loving home.

In today’s day and age, there is no reason a woman should get pregnant if she does not want to.

Quit being so lazy and take care of the issue before an innocent life is involved. That is the way to take control of your body, rather than using abortion as your primary birth control method. Be a responsible adult. Babies are not an inconvenience to be taken lightly.

We should all thank our Moms that they decided that we were worth it! Thanks all the moms out there that love us.

Theresa Brown

Colorado Springs

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