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A man was fatally shot in the UMB parking garage in downtown Colorado Springs early Thursday, November 1, 2018. This is the city’s 28th homicide.

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Safety must be a priority

I want to applaud you for your article in Sunday’s paper about the slow response to 911 calls. I am a 25-year veteran of law enforcement, now retired, but would like to add to the concerns mentioned in your article. To say that the Springs Police Department is understaffed is questionable. Show me one police department in this country that does not believe it is understaffed. When I was with the Phoenix Police Department the city and police were always complaining about being shorthanded, but we never had response times as outrageous as we have here. Heads would have rolled starting at the top if we had performed this poorly.

I retired and moved to the Springs in 2014. I love this city and state and cannot envision living anywhere else. I was led to believe that this was a safe environment and good place to raise a family. FBI crime statistics bear this out when compared with other cities of comparable size. I no longer have faith in these statistics because I believe that many crimes and calls for assistance are simply going unreported. Below are a few of my experiences:

1) In 2016, I reported a burglary in progress at the home directly across the street from me and it took over two hours for officers to arrive. The suspects were long gone by then.

2) Again in 2016, I reported a domestic disturbance also across the street involving a male subject kicking in the front door of a single mother who lived with her mother, which involved the grandmother screaming while running down the street carrying a small child. It was about half an hour before officers arrived.

3) Last year, I reported neighbors shooting off fireworks which resulted in a small fire in my front yard. No one showed up.

4) The final episode came this past Thursday morning when at about 5 a.m. three young adults tried to break into my home. I captured the incident on a security camera and immediately called police to report a break-in in progress. It took over 90 minutes for officers to respond.

Had these individuals successfully gained entry, this incident would have been reported as a shooting. I bet that would have gotten their prompt attention. I believe part of the problem has to do with prioritizing calls. I cannot tell you how often I see multiple officers show up to a call, which is simply a minor incident report. This same thing occurs with most auto accidents. When I worked in Phoenix, a single officer was usually responsible except in the case of bodily injuries. In the Springs, 4-6 cars show up for every accident. No wonder you have to wait two hours for an officer to respond.

I have come to believe that our police academy needs to review some of their training curriculum and make our officers better rounded investigators. Thank God for the “Make my day law” lest the number of people killed in home invasions goes through the roof.

In conclusion, if by some chance the Police Department is actually that shorthanded, then we the taxpayers need to get our priorities straight and start coughing up the tax dollars to adequately staff our police force. Personal safety must be our No. 1 priority.

Randy L. Hayek

Colorado Springs


Think outside the indoctrination box

Karla Garcia (“The practice of playing political games with real peoples’ lives”) appears to be confusing legal with illegal immigrants. This country has been very kind to all immigrants, legal and illegal. The groups of people from Central America traveling to our southern border are turning their righteous anger and unrelenting commitment, as she states, to breaking our laws. Can you imagine what would happen if we invaded their country?

She speaks about the Constitution, but the 14th Amendment was created in a different time for a different purpose. It has been misinterpreted and does not apply in the case of illegal immigrants. I believe President Donald Trump is moving in the right direction to clarify it. Let’s not blame him or this country; let’s put the blame on those responsible, specifically the corrupt governments. I spent time in Central America, and at one time textile work was being done there. Our media decided that the pay and conditions were not equitable. In other words, the workers deserved the whole loaf instead of a slice, so the jobs went to China, a closed society.

I sense much anger and emotion and very little thought in her opinion. Many people have come to this country, but they did it legally. They did not come here to change the culture, but in my parents’ words, to assimilate. I salute her desire to educate and get involved politically, but she needs to think outside the educational indoctrination box. I did, leaving the Democrat Party early in my education experience.

Roy Ayala

Colorado Springs


Easy to do a bit of mudslinging

I did not understand the point of Karla Garcia’s column (“The practice of playing political games with real peoples’ lives”). While Garcia brings up some good points such as broken immigration policies, I fail to see how this and other policy changes constitutes a “horrifying attack” on immigrants by President Donald Trump. To my knowledge, Trump has not stripped away any right or protection that immigration laws provide for. Congress has not changed or passed meaningful immigration laws. These are the same laws that past administrations had to abide by. I recall the same frustrations expressed by folks years ago regarding the Obama administration deportation practices.

The current administration is taking a hard-line stance on enforcing the laws using executive orders and policy changes. Every administration, regardless of political persuasion, has this right and will interpret the laws as they see fit. Some people agree. Some do not. That is the way the system works. It is unfair to blame Trump for not “fixing” immigration.

Our elected Congress must pass immigration laws. That means that both sides must yield and compromise.

This country is based on the rule of law. Like it or not, we all as citizens must respect that fact. It is good that Garcia will do all she can legally do to change the laws. I admire her for it. However it is way too easy to sling mud at Trump. It won’t stick, and mud splatters on everyone.

James Johnson

Colorado Springs


A minuscule effect on climate

Once again, several articles warning of warming have appeared.

Well, it occurs whether we like it — warming and cooling.

Read the book “Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Years” by S. Fred Singer and Dennis T. Avery.

There is no doubt, substantiated by tree rings, glacial ice cores, and ocean floor deposits.

Right now, we are in the middle of the warming cycle, so the increase is at its fastest rate.

This is a natural cycle, influenced almost zero by humankind. Mount Pinatubos eruption 20 or so years ago and pumped out more atmospheric crud than all humanity has done since day one, and volcanologists tell us there about 200 active volcanos on planet Earth at any one time.

Our generation of electricity by fossil fuels has a minuscule effect on all this.

Tom Stockman

Colorado Springs

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