Rebuttal to ‘liberal beliefs’

Steve Waldmann recently listed a few “liberal beliefs”, yet he didn’t provide verification of his percentages, and omitted several things:

Liberals believe health care and higher education can be provided to citizens for “free”, while remaining blissfully unconcerned about the actual costs and logistics of providing such services to the populace.

Liberals believe it’s OK to take the funds and incomes of your family, friends, co-workers and complete strangers to provide entitlements to others, instead of simply taking care of themselves as their personal circumstances and abilities dictate.

Liberals believe that an arbitrary, massive, increasingly-engorged government can make decisions better than individuals can, which is why we saw their influence grow immensely during the previous POTUS’s administration to the point where the national debt is over $20 trillion.

Liberals believe that your constitutionally granted choice to own a firearm is an antiquated notion and that contemporary society has “evolved” past this, yet they don’t think other amendments in the Bill of Rights are similarly archaic.

I could go on, but in short, liberals believe that utopia is paid for by reaching into the bank accounts and personal lives of others, and they’re extremely tolerant and open-minded, so long as they agree with the topic/s being discussed.

Jeff Faltz

Colorado Springs

Nebraska’s high taxes

Regarding Rick Zickefoose’s, Aug. 9 Gazette letter, “The crippling effects of TABOR.” Zickeffose should live in Nebraska before he espouses on the detrimental effect of Colorado’s TABOR. In Nebraska, if you happen to own a home assessed at $325,000, you will pay as high as $8,000 each year in real estate taxes.

If you own productive farmland, you will pay as high as $90 per acre each year in real estate taxes. Nebraska has a high property tax rate each year to license your automobile, and the Nebraska gas tax is among the highest in the nation.

Nebraska also has a sales tax, and when dining at a restaurant in Omaha, you will also pay an additional restaurant tax. If you are retired, you will be taxed on your retirement income. And when you die, your estate will also pay a “county” inheritance tax. I lived in Nebraska for 45 years.

A. D. Vinke

Colorado Springs

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