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Protesters reacting to the police shooting of De’Von Bailey gathered last week at City Hall before marching to the Colorado Springs Police Operations Center.

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Very quick and deadly decisions

Another tragic shooting. Another young death. Officers under scrutiny. We read the story and say, “When will this end?” I will tell you when it will end. It will end when people stop committing crimes; when they stop running from law enforcement; when they stop carrying guns; when adults take full responsibility for “at-risk” teens; when education systems receive the vast improvements needed; and finally, when we, as a country, finally admit our cities have become more segregated.

City governments need to pay more attention to the areas of our city that have become crime-ridden and dangerous, Our police officers’ lives are put on the line each day as they attempt to control crime in these fringe areas. Do they need to be racially “retrained” as many cities have done? Possibly.

That alone will not solve the problem. Young men may still rob, they may still carry guns, and our officers will still be faced with these very quick and deadly decisions. Place blame where it belongs; in our unwillingness to take the steps to narrow the gap between the haves and the have-nots; to create better education opportunities for all, not just the wealthy; and finally, to get rid of the guns. Maybe then, our officers won’t have to guess whether someone is reaching for a weapon. What a novel approach.

Patricia Mullen

Colorado Springs

Unsupervised short-term rentals

Re: Barry Fagin’s op-ed piece on short-term rentals.

There are big differences between a hotel room and a short-term home rental. The most important difference is on-site supervision. Last month, a house next door, which is only VRBO, with owners living miles away, left trash outside overnight. By morning, bears or raccoons had torn open the trash bags. The renters left with no concerns about the resulting mess that was scattered throughout the whole block and along Fountain Creek.

Short-term rentals that are not supervised on-site hurt neighborhoods, lower the values of others’ property, and contribute to community neglect.

Raymond Campbell III

Green Mountain Falls

Let’s keep the country united

Changing the name of a street because the name reminds someone of a person or thing that they don”t like is pure nonsense. If this occurs, where will it stop and who will be the judge of what is offensive? Are we going to need a committee to decide what is offensive to who?

Come on people, get your head screwed on right and stop all of this nonsense, that serves only to alienate people. I think the complainers have too much time on their hands. They should look at this country’s motto of “E Pluribus Unum” and try to understand what unum means. It appears as though the PC group is at work here. Let”s not destroy this fine city by trying to make it into the east or west coast, by changing into a hotbed of hostility. Leave that to those in Boulder or Denver.

This country is the most unique country in the world. No other has the freedoms that are found here. Let us not destroy this country from the inside by fostering hatred for our fellow citizens. Think back to why this country was formed and let’s continue to build on that. There is only one United States of America, so let’s keep it united.

Matthew Fronzaglia

Colorado Springs

Time to step up and do something

To start, I am a Donald Trump supporter. I am sickened by all this mass shooting and want something to be done to help stop it. I am a gun owner but do not feel that any individual needs to have or purchase an assault rifle with multiple rounds. Only our military and police should have these.

I know President Trump will face pushback from the NRA but he has handled tougher people and countries tougher then them. Our forefathers intended for us to have guns for home and country protection and hunting food, not for mass killings. It is time to step up and do something about this.

Michael Zenner

Colorado Springs

Try to determine what changed

Another mass shooting. This one in El Paso, Texas. All the usual advocates are again touting the need for gun control. Before the Columbine High School shooting in 1998, we Americans had practically never heard of a mass shooting. There are not significantly more guns now than in pre-2000 USA, yet we now have a shooting nearly every week. Something changed that had nothing to do with the guns. What changed beginning about the year 2000 — that now causes frequent multiple shootings in the U.S.? Why is no one advocating that USA scientists get busy to determine “what changed.” If this is answered, maybe we can do something to halt this tragic waste of human lives. Why are none of our “elected leaders” asking for answers to this question? This answer seems more important even than political agendas for some leader with the chutzpah to advocate this.

Arthur B. Cyphers

Colorado Springs

History will not forget

Shame on us! On Aug. 7, almost 700 illegal immigrants were arrested causing trauma to the multitude of children left behind. They were here illegally. Yes, they were. And what about the businesses who employed these illegal immigrants? Will they be punished just like the Trump people who hired illegals to work at Trump’s home while many of the Democrats and Republicans remained silent?

History will not forget what we did! May God have mercy on us for doing what we are adoing to these human beings. We want them here, and we don’t want them here. What hypocrisy. But there was a hero — the southern gentleman who took in some of these traumatized children.

Denis Leveille

Colorado Springs

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