Greenback Cutthroat Trout.

Decision was bad management

This week the U.S. Forest Service closed the trail through Sesame Canyon, blocking a path that has been used by locals since at least the 1950s, and was a favorite of hikers and mountain bikers. The ostensible reason is to protect the native cutthroat trout, but to achieve that goal rangers cut down hundreds of trees to create obstacles, deeply impacting the forest in what is one of the most beautiful spots in the region. What a shame.

We all want the trout to thrive, but this move is bad management that will likely do nothing but erode the public’s faith and good will in land managers. They say it is in the name of erosion control, but in a watershed with acres of steep, bare gravel slopes, a trail like Sesame has no significant impact. There was no science behind this decision, and little regard to public input.

As a community who loves its outdoor spaces, we should demand good stewardship of the mountains, but also rational, well informed decisions by managers. I’m afraid in this case, it didn’t happen.

Dave Philipps

Colorado Springs

Most men are not monsters

On Sept, 3, 1783 the American Revolutionary War ended resulting in the United States of America. The War of 1812 ended on Feb. 16, 1815 solidifying the U.S. as a separate and sovereign nation. On April 9, 1865 the Civil War was won by the Union ending slavery in the U.S. Just over 100 years ago on June 4, 1919 Women’s Suffrage was passed by Congress. It was ratified on Aug. 18, 1920 by the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote. On June 6, 1944 the Normandy invasion at Omaha Beach by U.S. and Allied forces resulted in the ending of WWII. The civil rights movement from 1955-1968 made great strides in enforcing constitutional and legal rights for African-Americans. In 1961 President Kennedy signed Executive Order 10925 ordering federally funded projects to “take affirmative action” to insure that applicants are employed and employees are treated during employment without regard to their race, creed, color or national origin. Affirmative action led to the Civil Rights Act, preferential admission for minorities to colleges and other opportunities and protections for minorities and women.

The current trend of misandrous, toxic male bashing, anti-masculinity attitudes, specifically against white males, fails to acknowledge that none of the above milestones could/would have happened had white American males not determined that injustices were being perpetrated and taken action to rectify the situation. The U.S. would never have separated from England. The slaves would never have been freed, women would never have been allowed to vote. World War II would never have been fought and won. The civil rights movement and affirmative action would never have happened, had white American males not stepped up, often sacrificing their lives, to meet and overcome the injustices. Yes, white males have been greedy, selfish, exploitative, destructive, but they’ve also been the most generous, self sacrificing individuals ever. They have given more domestic and foreign aid, provided more disaster relief and supported more charitable causes than any other identifiable group anywhere, any time.

White men, and men in general aren’t, perfect but we’re not the monsters we are now portrayed to be.

R. Wayne Baughman

Colorado Springs

Column on Trump supporters

I read with much humor the article written by David Ramsey about Sidney and Myra Patin. We have known them for many, many years, consider them friends as they have attended many of our Christmas parties. The article just goes to show how even friends can differ greatly on political issues. While they admire President Donald Trump, my wife and I consider him a total jerk and moron, with no disrespect to actual morons. They seem to think he is one of the greatest presidents in our history. We consider him a blight on this country, and easily one of the worst examples of a president this country has ever had. He should be removed from office.

The Patins say they have no problem with his previous marriages as he is happily married now. Remember, six months after Melania gave birth, he had a tryst with Stormy Daniels, and who knows who else? What a moralistic dirtball, he cheats on his wife.

Trump adores tyrants and alienates our allies, and this is our president.

Lastly, a cowardly draft dodger like Trump demeans a war hero like John McCain. McCain had more class, more integrity in his little finger than Trump has now or ever had.

Well 2020 is coming and if the Democrats don’t put up a flunky like Hillary, they will win in a walk. Then the Patins and all others who think the same can cry in their milk.

Dennis Sladek

Colorado Springs

Sleep with one eye open

Now let me get this straight, the Democrats tried to pull a political coup using alphabet agencies, here and abroad, to gather information against the Trump campaign and eventually an elected president. Now they are saying, he is weaponizing the Department of Justice (DOJ) against political opponents. Unless you have the IQ of a hammer, this is the epitome of ludicrous.

The attempt to destroy Donald Trump should be a warning to all Americans that weaponized government agencies can destroy you.

Fortunately, Trump seems to have survived this attack. However, had it been a regular citizen, they would have been decimated. The use of surveillance agencies against our president and his staff should send chills through each of us.

Lady Justice was molested by the prior administration’s DOJ. If no one goes to jail for these crimes, justice as we know it will be seen as a sham. Until that happens, you had better sleep with one eye open and your computer turned off and placed in another room.

Larry Ross

Colorado Springs

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