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A recent crash at South Academy and East Fountain boulevards.

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More law enforcement needed

We recently moved to the Springs from out of state and are amazed that almost every day we read that there has been another traffic fatality. Could there be an underlying cause? How about some traffic law enforcement?

Every time I drive around town, no matter the length of the trip, I see people drastically exceeding the speed limits. I ask myself “Where are the police, sheriffs and troopers?” I rarely notice active enforcement or deterrence. On the rare occasion that I do see law enforcement, it is often when they have someone pulled over. Rush hours seem to be the worst, again, I never see law enforcement vehicles during that time.

And forget about vehicle safety, turn signals or expired tags enforcement. Every time I drive, I notice multiple violations of these types of offenses. I ask myself “Do the police even care?” The standards for enforcement start at the top. Do we have the right folks in top positions?

I firmly believe that if these normal types of enforcement were increased, the income generated by violators would easily offset the increase in staffing costs. It’s time to ask how our law enforcement budgets are being allocated. We need more law enforcement officers on the streets.

Randy Stehle

Colorado Springs

Best opportunity for a good education

I agree with Debbie Kelley’s article that it was a disgrace to see protesting teachers, parents and union members with vulgar signs, carried by their young children, no less.

The FYs and signs with an extended middle finger were supposedly supplied by the local teachers union. Are these the teachers (union members) that you want to teach your children?

What horrible examples!

If, as the teachers and unions claim, all schools are equally good, then why is there a need for alternate schools to help the disadvantaged and the students that have fallen behind, or dropped out of the “regular” schools in the first place?

And why, oh why does America rank worldwide in 30th place in math and science compared with their peers in other countries? Isn’t that embarrassing enough to trigger a wake-up call?

It is obvious that the teachers who support their union’s behavior are not the least bit concerned about students who are left behind but that it is all about the money.

Union teachers should focus less on where everyone’s tax money goes, but should allow taxpaying parents to decide where their children have the best opportunities for a good education.

Irmgard von der Gathen

Colorado Springs

McCain’s qualif i cations as a hero

Regarding “Not very proud of John McCain” by Marilyn Hamilton: I’m not sure what your qualifications are for deciding who rates being called a hero, however, here are a few facts about McCain.

He strapped a supersonic jet fighter to himself and flew through extremely heavy anti-aircraft fire over North Vietnam and was shot down in 1967.

He suffered a broken right leg and both arms. When he was captured, he suffered a strike to the shoulder by a rifle butt plus being bayoneted to the abdomen and foot. He was interrogated, beaten, tortured and held captive for over five years.

The North Vietnamese offered him early release when they discovered McCain’s father was an admiral; however, he refused unless all POWs captured before him were also released.

I don’t know anything about McCain’s treatment of his wife; however, I am aware of problems that many of our brave warriors suffered after returning from war. Some of those problems result in family violence, mistreatment, etc. Do you think 5 1/2 years in a North Vietnamese prison could have that effect?

Maybe you should consider this and inform your many neighbors in the Verde Valley.

Perry Broxton

Air Force Academy

Inflaming negative opinions

The “concentration camps” at the border are a bit of misdirection if one realizes that everybody in there came of their own free will. They are only “locked” on the northern side. The “inmates” are free to leave and go back from where they came.

It is not the fault or the responsibility of the United States that their countries of origin are in disarray or failing in matters of law or social structure.

The amount of notoriety is out of balance considering that the Barack Obama administration actually deported 409,849 asylum seekers in 2012 compared with 242 through May by the Trump administration.

The misdirection is that the Democrats feel that by inflaming negative opinions of the Trump administration no one will notice that they have not been doing their job for the last two years nor do they have anyone who looks to be a viable replacement for Trump, that is unless the voters opt for socialism as a replacement for our current system.

I don’t know a good answer for the border crisis since I tend to put it into personal perspective: Two dozen homeless people with children show up on my doorstep asking for entry and care and bringing nothing but needs. How would you handle that?

Michael S. Welsh

Colorado Springs

AOC has absolutely no clue

In response to the letter from Donald Clarke in the July 2 edition of The Gazette:

I am willing to bet that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was not only attempting (poorly I might add) to use the words “concentration camp” to compare ICE and the U.S Border Patrol to Nazis, and the crowded conditions of unaccompanied illegal children to the threat of gas chambers and torture, but has absolutely no clue about the details of the Civil War, (Andersonville in particular), or the Boer War. Furthermore, she probably couldn’t find South Africa or Dachau on a map and has probably never read the writings of Anne Frank.

Finally, your statement, “too many people don’t know what they’re talking about” perfectly describes how the voters in the Bronx and Queens could be bamboozled by a former bartender — who not only discounted her prior privileged existence in Westchester County, went to college on our dime, purported to be living in poverty, on minimum wage and tips — could possibly elect AOC to legislate U.S. law.

Tom Antkow

Colorado Springs

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