More is never enough

I read with a smidgen of interest the letter written by Laura Corr in what seems to be an attempt to convince the readership of The Gazette that the Scandinavian (or Nordic) countries are the happiest under their brand of socialism.

I quote an online Time magazine article:

“Worldwide surveys have consistently ranked the Scandinavian countries — with their generous family-leave policies, low crime, free health care, rich economies and, yes, high income taxes — as the happiest places on earth. But this happiness has always been accompanied by a paradox: the happiest countries also seem to have the highest suicide rates.”

My rusty, dusty brain housing group tells me that the more federally subsidized people are the more disgruntled and entitled they might become. Whereby “God-given rights” and federal government handouts become entitlements. More is never enough.

John Wear

Colorado Springs

The allure of socialism

Recent polls indicate that between 40-50 percent of America’s youths either support or have a favorable view of socialism. That might explain why so many of them supported Bernie Sanders (an avowed Socialist) during the last general election.

My take is they have come to embrace socialism because it neutralizes the scariest of freedoms: the freedom to fail at the personal level. Unfortunately, too many of our kids have been parentally helicoptered, overly indulged and pampered to the extent where socialism might seem to be a nirvanic state of existence. The allure is that it eliminates the need to take personal responsibility for anything while promising to provide everyone with “equal” everythings, plus plenty of “free” stuff until you run out of other people’s money.

There’s just one problem with socialism — it doesn’t work! Don’t believe it? Go spend a month in Havana (like I did) to experience a “one size fits all” society. Go stand in a bread line in Caracas (where they’re bartering with eggs). Better yet, talk to someone who’s lived under socialism and escaped to tell about it.

Do just one of these things and I guarantee that any attraction to socialism will lose its luster quicker than you can text a tweet or snap a selfie. President Ronald Reagan was right when he said that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Let’s hope the smartphone generation is smart enough to figure it out.

Joe Novich

Colorado Springs

Get a better hammer

Those enamored with socialism explain that despite its many failures and no successes we should adopt it here because it just hasn’t been employed correctly. This can be compared to a man (women are too bright to do this) hitting himself in the head with a hammer to cure a headache. When that doesn’t work, the socialist’s answer is to get a better hammer.

Dik Thurston

Colorado Springs

Let’s have a national open primary

Another convoluted, unfair, overly long presidential election cycle is on its way. I disagree with the Colorado legislators giving Colorado’s electoral votes to the candidate with the most national popular votes. I also disagree with the Electoral College giving all a states’ votes to the candidate with a simple majority. How is the minority voter’s voice heard under these systems? The Electoral College is 19th-century genius, but 21st-century folly.

The Democrats and the Republicans have a duopoly on power and limit our choices for candidates. We are left with choosing the lesser of two evils.

Let’s have a national open primary. The top vote getters would partake in a runoff with the winner having to garner at least 50 percent of the vote to win. That way everyone has their vote counted, and we have the people choosing their president and not the two major parties.

Ron Oelschlager

Colorado Springs

Oil will survive SB-181

The oil patch is at it again. More propaganda commercials to convince you that complying with health, safety and environmental rules will put them out of business. First, SB 19-181 is not Prop 112. Second it’s not a handful of legislators that support this bill. It is the majority of legislators that the people of Colorado voted for. I’ll tell you why this bill will not hurt the oil patch.

My name is Joel Nelson. I live in Las Animas County. I worked as an oil and gas geologist in Oklahoma before becoming an environmental engineer and working for a large manufacturing company. I was just starting my career in environmental engineering, at a time when the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act had been passed a few years earlier. Industries that produced products as well as hazardous waste were screaming the same thing “You are going to put us out of business!” “We can’t possibly comply with all these new regulations and we’ll have to lay everyone off.” It didn’t happen!!

Instead of laying people off, industries hired a bunch of people like me to help them comply with the regulations. What we did was find ways to reduce our waste, reuse materials and recycle what we couldn’t use. This not only helped the environment but it also had profound effects on human health. We replaced toxic products with more environmentally friendly products. We added pollution control devices to minimize air pollution. Oil will survive SB181.

Joel Nelson


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