Look at alternative options

History has shown over the past few years fences, barbwire, troops and beatings have not slowed down migration. Maybe we should look at alternative options. One option could be countries work with one another to create free enterprise zones for the immigrants that borders each other’s country. In these enterprise zones we would enlist some of the top capitalist businesses to bring jobs.

We are currently having our military putting up barb wire, latrines, tents, medical facilities and sleeping quarters for thousands of people. We can do better than have our military doing this. We can have our immigrants build permanent buildings to care for themselves if they are given materials and supervision from our military. Corporate America can use the labor to produce their products. It would be an incentive to have their products produced in a Free Enterprise Zone, — more profit in labor cost and taxes. Participating countries could ask for a pay back on profits for the supplies provided. We can create positive cash flow in the immigration market rather than a negative cash flow.

Chris Trujillo

Colorado Springs

Prevent a massacre at the border

How many Americans want to be identified as causing or at least not stopping “the border massacre?” Not me. But besides composing this opinion I know of nothing else I can do to make my commander and chief not give the order to shoot. I hope the too many to count troops and helicopters, being brought in will not follow what seems like his White Nationalist orders. Here is a prayer: When the caravan gets here, soldiers follow their morals and human rights, such as the right to travel given to all since the Magna Carta, around the year, 1225.

Before that, I hope Mexico will file a preemptive case, in International Court, to prevent a U.S. massacre on their soil. The Mexicans should have control of their own soil. And the U.S. should not be permitted, to kill immigrants on anyone’s soil.

Jan Lightfoot

Colorado Springs

Use imagination and ingenuity

Have you ever been so fearful that you cannot think straight? I wonder if our nation is facing this paralysis of fear.

Yes, there are 4,000 or so folks walking through Mexico toward our border. Yes, strap-hangers can join in with the crowd, virtually undetected. So, what can we do that is not the brute force of sending troops to our borders and making plans for tent cities?

How about thinking out-of-the-box? Here are some suggestions:

We could fund placing signs along the caravan’s route. The first set of signs, in Spanish, should say: “If there are people among you who do not speak Spanish fluently, turn them in for a $500 reward.” This could weed out the potential terrorists that our President keeps warning us about.

The second set of signs, in Spanish, should say: “There are buses waiting to take you back to Honduras. If you get on, we’ll give you $1,000 to go back home.” While it may not be 100 percent effective, it could mitigate future problems at our border.

Finally, we should fund these initiatives (about $4 million) by taking that money away from our foreign aid to Honduras. Of course, we should also take steps to ensure that our remaining foreign aid to Honduras is being used to prevent future caravans.

You may not agree with my ideas – and that’s fine. I’m just saying that good leadership takes imagination and ingenuity, not bombast and brute force.

Peter Knepell

Colorado Springs

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