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Leave the bunnies out of Easter

Easter is less than two weeks away. Many people will be giving chocolate, candies, colored eggs, lilies and other presents. Unfortunately, this sometimes includes a live rabbit.

Too often, people purchase them as a gift for a child. Many of these pet rabbits die within six months as a result of poor diet and unhealthy conditions. Others suffer injuries from being handled incorrectly by young hands.

When they mature and hormones rage, that sweet little bunny may turn into a “furry Godzilla” by biting and chewing on everything in sight. By this time, if it is not confined permanently to a small cage, it is often abandoned outdoors where chances of survival are very slim. Many are dumped at shelters.

Despite common beliefs, rabbits prefer not to be kept in hutches or in little cages. They need daily exercise, affection and a diet rich in timothy hay, greens and herbs. Carrots are only a treat. However, rabbits are also quite complex and intelligent creatures that can be litter-trained, spayed or neutered, and taught to respond to vocal commands. This year, please consider giving chocolate or toy rabbits and making Easter a wonderful and enjoyable holiday by giving rabbits the respect they deserve.

Georgiana Hall

Colorado Springs

Innocent lives are at stake

I applaud and support the re-establishment of red light cameras by the Colorado Springs Police Department. Drivers in this area run red lights on a shockingly frequent basis.

I would like to see red light cameras installed at as many intersections as possible. Innocent lives are at stake every day, all over this city and surrounding areas.

The only people who should be concerned or upset about red light cameras are those who run red lights. If you don’t run them, you’ll have no problems.

Doug Landolfi

Colorado Springs

Electoral College is an anachronism

Your “Viewpoint” of Monday, April 8, took state Sen. Pete Lee to task for, among other things, “an agenda to end-run the U.S. Constitution” by supporting the National Popular Vote bill, an interstate compact that would guarantee the presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The bill, now Colorado’s law, is no end-run around the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Constitution gives state legislatures exclusive control over awarding their states’ electoral votes. Most states (48) have operated on a winner-take-all basis: this awards all of a state’s electoral votes to the candidate receiving the most popular votes in the state. Two states (Maine, Nebraska) have allocated electoral votes by how their congressional districts voted.

The National Popular Vote bill would assure that no Coloradan would be disenfranchised: every Coloradan’s vote would count, nationwide, even those votes cast for the candidate who came in out of first place in Colorado. Under winner-take-all, if you voted for any but the first-place candidate in Colorado, then you really were disenfranchised.

The Electoral College is an anachronism, its failures to meet the Founding Fathers’ expectations evident even in the early 19th century. Their expectations included wanting to separate the branches of government to avoid the creation of “cabals” (now known as political parties) and to prevent foreign corruption. They expected Congress, not the Electoral College, to decide presidential elections most of the time.

Norman R. Williams


Compromise on the red flag law

I would like to offer a compromise on the red flag law that should be acceptable to both sides. When a judge issues a warrant for an individual who might be a danger to him/herself, confiscating all the weapons on the premises will not be effective. They can get weapons elsewhere. The weapons aren’t the problem. The person’s mental stability is the question.

I suggest taking the individual into protective custody for a mental evaluation which would include determining if the issues in the warrant are valid. If they are considered stable, they can be released. That would be much safer than storming in to take weapons and risking the lives of the individual, their family members, the law enforcement officers, etc. No need to involve weapons.

By the way, when you take all the weapons off the premises, you are leaving the other family members without self-protection. That is like posting an engraved invitation to anyone wanting to break in knowing they will not encounter resistance.

Billie Nigro

Colorado Springs

It’s truly heartbreaking

In response to Rochelle Salmore’s post regarding the illegal immigration crisis at our southern border, I say people, wake up and smell the coffee!

If you’re also one who believes that 100,000 illegals being turned loose throughout our country, just this past month, is not a crisis and a threat to America’s well-being and safety, then either you’re not paying attention or unfortunately, you’re dumber than a box of rocks. The bleeding hearts need to get the wax out of their ears and try listening to and actually “hearing” the families’ stories of those who have lost mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters to the illegal criminals and gangs who are now allowed to roam freely throughout America.

They bloviate about children being temporarily separated from their parents but fail to acknowledge the Angel Moms whose children have been murdered and are gone forever.

This “dark time” she refers to is the result of an inept, self-serving Congress and its pathetic, Pollyanna viewpoints, not a president’s efforts to keep Americans safe. Stop blaming Trump for immigration laws that are ridiculously out of date and in drastic need of revision.

While the left want to paint the illegals seeking asylum as only mothers and their children seeking a better life, they turn a blind eye to the gangs, the drugs, the sex trafficing, the diseases and the returning criminals who have been deported multiple times.

Makes me glad I’m old. It’s truly heartbreaking to think of what our country will become in a decade or less should this issue not be addressed and resolved swiftly.

Albert Elliott

Colorado Springs

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