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Keeping Colorado Springs ugly

I have read with interest several viewpoints from citizens since my comments a few weeks ago.

I have since written to the mayor and gotten zero response.

He and the City Council evidently don’t care. I have a suggestion: How about the Gazette and or Channels 5, 11, 13 and 21 doing a investigative report to try and find out why the city has its keep Colorado Springs ugly policy?

In doing a report also look in to why Code Enforcement does little if nothing to attack the problem

Hundreds, maybe thousands of homeowners never cut their weeds in front or back of their homes where it abuts a street.

Businesses don’t cut weeds fronting the street where they’re located, and undeveloped lots are allowed to grow weeds several feet high.

This along with the city’s lack of attention to the sides and medians of roads and streets are a sad testimony to a beautiful area, allowed to become so ugly.

Edmund Wall

Colorado Springs

Addressing two issues in the Springs

My reasons for writing this letter to the editor are twofold:

The new bike lanes;

Making the Springs a better city.

To take advantage of this lovely fall weather I took my bicycle out of the garage and got to enjoy the new bike lanes downtown. Thank you, city administration! I feel much safer now.

We took a trip to the Old World in June. In Amsterdam, there are more bicycles than vehicles! There are also very few instances of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. There is clearly a connection there.

I did encounter one unpleasant problem while biking, however, and that consisted of having to breathe nasty exhaust fumes from the cars and trucks passing by. It is unfortunate that we cyclists have to share the road with them.

Moving quickly ahead to my point number two: I notice a lot of citizens complaining about trash and debris littering up our town in addition to overgrown weeds along the roads and throughout neighborhoods. Why are these worthy citizens taking the time to point out these problems and not taking the time to solve these problems?

Gather your family together or a group of friends or co-workers, pick up some grippers and some trash bags and clean up the mess. I know that there is a wonderful group of gardeners on the Old North End who take care of the medians there, planting and caring for beautiful blooms in that part of town.

Jennifer Bell

Colorado Springs

City’s ‘Brave New Bicycle World’

On an errand downtown today, I encountered Kathleen Krager’s Brave New Bicycle World — streets embossed with so many lines, cross-hatchings, arrows and incomprehensible symbols, all to no apparent purpose, that I felt I’d become a citizen of M.C. Escher’s mind. I returned home on Cascade, in a lane that veered madly from one side of the street to the other as if designed to illustrate a pathway for a driver drunker than $17 million. We have all been told repeatedly by Krager and her various enablers in the city government that these markings are intended to make the city more welcoming for bicyclists, not to mention safer.

About halfway through this hazardous venture, I was struck by a question: Where are the bicyclists? On my entire journey, I saw one. She was riding in one of the few remaining automobile lanes, and looked damned convinced of her right to do so. Otherwise, no bicycles.

I was left with a question for our ostensible strong mayor. How does one woman gain the power to spend these inordinate sums on art projects designed for the use of people who don’t use them and, so far as I’ve ever noticed, don’t really exist?

Malcolm McCollum

Colorado Springs

Appreciation for city’s volunteers

I’d like write this to show appreciation for all the people out there who volunteer their time and effort to make this city a better place.

While driving around town, I’ve seen the lady who used to own a deli called The Little Market pulling weeds and landscaping on city property. These places include: Middle Shooks Run, Cache La Poudre bridge by North Middle School, and off Uintah. While the city should be doing this, I’m sure this person has taken it upon themselves (without pay) to improve our city. Much appreciation to her and others like her.

Thomas Gelke

Colorado Springs

Dedicated public servants

I was amused and angered by Robert Blaha’s column. His comments about “entrenched bureaucrats” are misguided and offensive. Thousands of these so-called entrenched government employees are dedicated public servants who are also veterans of our military and current members of our reserve forces.

I thank them all for their continued service and sacrifice. Many of them have opted to serve even when they almost always do so at lower pay grade than their civilian counterparts. Some face daily dangers and have even given their lives in service to their country: Secret Service, State Department, CIA, NSA, ICE, FBI, are a few that come to mind.

I was amused that he figuratively refers to Donald Trump as a king that has achieved great things. I think it may be early in the game to call it a win. Yes, he has reduced regulation but to what detriment to our environment? No one knows the fallout of the trade issue as it is all still in flux and will be for years. When our allies are offended and confused and Russia interferes in our elections and North Korea blatantly plays to his need for praise, it does nothing to elevate our stature on the world stage.

These servants took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies — both foreign and domestic. Not to a king who disparages them and the work they do with dignity and dedication to something greater than their egos and pocketbooks.

I thank them all.

Ann Smith

Colorado Springs

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