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Keep the pendulum swinging

According to advocates like Toni Larson (“Activists seek to overturn vote law”, Friday, Aug. 2), the national popular vote’s elimination of the Electoral College is so important a goal that we dare not allow Colorado voters have any say in deciding it.

Rich irony aside, Larson’s claim of putting voters ahead of partisan politics is ludicrous. Even non-cynics and many Democrats recognize the partisan, power-grab nature of the NPV initiative: Those in favor of the Constitutional run-around believe they now have the demographics to rule the presidency forever, so now is the time to strike and usher in a new era of national one-party dominance. Does anyone believe the Democrats wouldn’t be screaming bloody murder were the demographics in favor of Republicans?

Larson claims that the NPV would guarantee “every vote matters.” On the contrary, it would almost guarantee entrenchment of the two major parties. In 2016, the Democrats and Republicans conspired to keep Libertarians and Greens off of the national stage, effectively squelching voters who will always have minority, but important, voices that should be heard. The NPV will only entrench the dominance of Republicans and Democrats, neither of who have more voters than the combined total of independents and third party voters.

Balance is important. This country has survived due to the pendulum that swings when one party goes too far in one direction. Let’s retain the mechanisms that keep the pendulum swinging.

Jeff Langr

Colorado Springs

The American dream is still alive

White men are bombarded everyday with accusations of white privilege, of being racists (even without knowing it), accused of being toxic (as in toxic masculinity) and sexists. Day after day, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke and Cory Booker blame discrimination against women and people of color of holding them back. Consequently, white men are systematically being marginalized and they know it! They are at the bottom of the heap when it comes to employment or college admissions. So, when they get up every day to provide for their family and grind out a living, it is frustrating to hear they are the reason for other’s shortcomings when they’re not feeling privileged in anyway, quite the contrary.

In truth, despite what these politicians say, the American dream is very much alive for everyone and is not being destroyed by white men or systemic racism. Asian Americans are a case in point. They come to this country speaking a different language, look different and have an entirely different culture. Yet, Asian Americans now have a higher standard of living than whites. Why is that? One reason is only 17% of Asian-American babies are born out of wedlock, Whites 25% and Blacks 70%. A Black family with a father and mother at home have an income only 3% behind the average white family with both parents. Perhaps it’s the choices we make that determine our successes and blaming someone else for your failures is just good politics.

Michael Golden

Colorado Springs

Respect for the U.S. flag

I thank The (Colorado Springs) Gazette Editorial Board for its hard hitting editorial “Far left insults our country and cops”.

This past Monday at the Aurora City Council Meeting I voiced my support for Aurora City Councilman Dave Gruber who excoriated his shameful fellow city council members who were in the crowd condoning disrespect for the U.S. flag.

I briefly explained the U.S. Flag Code, flag etiquette, civics, elected officials’ need for practicing protocol, American History, et al.

In Colorado and across America I encourage Americans, veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars Posts, American Legion Posts, Daughters of the American Revolution, and other patriotic groups to voice their support for Gruber’s gallant stand by attending future Aurora City Council sessions, in letters to newspapers, in telephone calls to talk radio shows, and to television news reporters.

Emzy Veazy III


Problem with ‘common sense laws’

Here we are again with demands for “common sense” gun laws following more carnage. But let’s continue to Ignore the obvious question of why, when for generations weapons were far less regulated with far less carnage, is this happening. Instead, let’s ask, “Weren’t any of the laws we’ve passed at city, state and federal levels common sense?” Of course they were, but they didn’t stop the carnage.

A problem with even more “common sense laws” that may not work any better is that we don’t know when or if there will ever be enough.

We prescribe more with each shooting. Is there an “acceptable level of shootings” so we’ll know there’s enough laws? No, just one shooting is sufficient to demand more. Given we know laws, mere ink on paper, don’t actually deter crime (they prescribe punishment) and there’s no perfect safety everywhere, all the time, it seems we’re in for endless common sense laws.

Insanity is popularly described as doing the same failed thing over and over while expecting better results. When do we start looking for a better solution?

H. Wayne Hall

Colorado Springs

Holding Americans hostage

Not only is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refusing to bring to a vote any election protection bills, he now has tweeted out a photo of tombstones naming his Democratic opponent in the 2020 Senate race, Amy McGrath, as well as Judge Merrick Garland, whose nomination to the Supreme Court he blocked several years ago. All this in the wake of the Dayton and El Paso shootings, while he continues to block voting on a background-check bill that passed the House over 100 days ago.

How long will this man be allowed to hold Americans hostage to his political ambitions?

Kathleen Eichinger

Colorado Springs

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