Bears in Colorado Springs
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Mama bear and cubs are spotted in a neighborhood near Garden of the Gods.

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Keeping bears safely in the wild

Colorado Springs is a diverse habitat for wildlife. When bears enter an urban environment in search of food, their chances of not making it out alive increase dramatically.

Last year 30 bears were euthanized in areas west of I-25. To help reduce that number, a group of concerned citizens has formed the Bear Smart Task Force. The group is working closely with Colorado Parks & Wildlife to educate residents about steps to save the bears. Residents can do several things to help keep our bears wild:

Put trash out the morning of pickup or store in bear-resistant cart.

Feed birds when bears are hibernating.

Feed pets indoors and store food inside.

Reduce the number of attractants around your home including food, unclean grills, garbage containing food scraps, and composts containing food.

Lock all doors and windows in your home, garage, and outbuildings when not at home and at night.

Keep garage door closed and locked.

Lock car doors and windows if you park outside.

Wildlife makes Colorado Springs a unique community, and we can keep it that way through strategic conservation efforts. Please join the newly formed Colorado Springs Bear Smart Task Force in its efforts to preserve our black bear population. Losing 30 bears again is not an option. It is particularly important to follow these suggestions now as bears prepare to hibernate and need to consume 20,000 calories a day.

Please do your part to keep our bears wild. #cosbearsmart

Vickie Smith

Colorado Springs


How it’s supposed to be done

I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one distressed by the weeds in our once beautiful city. Last weekend, we were in Fort Collins and there were no weeds!

After getting back and driving down Powers, I was embarrassed by the unmowed weeds everywhere I looked.

All the intersection medians in Fort Collins are beautifully landscaped. Our City Council needs to take a trip up north and see how it’s supposed to be done!

Kathy Akers

Colorado Springs


Lots of distractions at the movies

I had to laugh at the following statement in Mae Anderson’s article “Binge at the Movies” (Sept. 10, Gazette) ....”but movie theaters offer newer releases, free of distractions.”

Oh, does she mean free of distractions like the kid in the seat behind you constantly kicking your seat? Or the person near you talking loudly on the cellphone? Or people just talking loudly in general? Or that baby crying or that child whining? Or cellphones ringing? Or the guy climbing over your feet five times during the movie? Or the person in front of you who has already seen the movie and is telling the person with her everything that is going to happen next? Or the floor, sticky with spilled popcorn and drinks and littered with food wrappers?

I am so glad that theater movies are so free of distractions!

Marge Baker

Colorado Springs


Information needed before November

The Colorado congressional (Congressional Districts) and state (House and Senate Districts and even precincts) maps were determined in 2002 and 2011 by Appeals Courts after the governor appointed commissions failed to agree on “fair” maps.

Now that Appeals Court judges are being appointed by Donald Trump, we’ve decided to change the system and let an “independent commission” draw the maps. This “independent commission” will consist of four Democrats, four Republicans and four unaffiliated commissioners. To be approved, the maps will have to get eight votes, two of which will have to be from anaffiliated commissioners; making the unaffiliateds super -delegates.

Maybe we will get more details on this plan before November, but my first question is; who selects the commissioners, especially the unaffiliateds?

This plan is supposed to eliminate gerrymandering while protecting racial and cultural communities of interest. My second question is; what constitutes a “cultural community”? And how much gerrymandering is allowed to protect a cultural community?

My third and most important question is; what are going to be the geometric ground rules? Is the commission going to stick with whole, contiguous counties? Whole sections? Whole precincts? Whole cultural communities? Every interest group has a database; whose database is the commission going to use?

I hope we get more specific information soon. Let’s don’t buy a pig in a poke!

Rip Blaisdell

Teller County


The hate for progress

I don’t understand the total hatred for Donald Trump. It is like a sickness. People say he lies but don’t say about what. Start a list so we can compare to the past presidents,

Hate is all consuming but love Trump or hate him, you can’t deny he keeps things moving and has gotten things done for this country in rapid time that no other president has done.

Not one positive thing for the country came out of eight full years of the Obama administration. Yet Trump is hated so much, Why?

Do people not like tax cuts, tighter borders, the great stock market, a strong military, more jobs, stronger than ever economy, bringing other countries to task for supporting them for years and years. I can’t understand the hate for progress.

I am not a personal fan of Donald J. Trump but am an Army vet who loves my country, and I support what the president is doing.

George Douglas

Colorado Springs

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