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It’s all about the money

Do we need six agencies, Teller County Sheriff, Colorado State Patrol, Woodland Park, Green Mountain Falls, Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs Police Departments monitoring the Ute Pass/U.S. 24 for speeding?

I respect our police officers and appreciate all their work for a safer community.

Woodland Park has mostly retiree residents, is dead before 11 a.m. and after 5 p.m. and crime is limited. Presumably traffic cops want to make a difference in our society in a productive way.

Traffic signs have decreased in miles per hour (mph) over time and the police monitor those intersections. Woodland Park used to be 55-45-35, now it is 45-35-30. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) should have an exit for Woodland Park as no highway should be 30 mph.

The police say it’s about “safety”. Let’s be real it’s about “money”. Citizens feel harassed and get anxiety when pulled over. Stress on police officers is extremely tremendous.

Real safety issues:

• Deal with panhandling vagrants that are not productive in our society. Citizens don’t feel safe going down to shop in Manitou or Colorado Springs.

• If child molesters, drug trafficking, human trafficking, murderers, rapists and white collar crime were addressed in the same manner as traffic violations I am certain the U.S. would be safer.

• New striping/reflectors are needed as the lights from oncoming traffic at night are blinding.

If violations are paid by a certain date, points will be reduced. Auto insurance rates will go up for 3-5 years as the point system is another way to bully us further. Do lawyers, judges, police officers or firefighters ever have to pay traffic violations?

Our future will bring self-driving cars that will go the exact speed limit so there will be no more traffic tickets. I will be sad as America is known for cars and driving, but it may be good for society.

Ron Pijut

Woodland Park

The tyranny of the majority

If you feel your parental rights are under attack in Colorado, you are correct. The tyranny of the majority has run amuck on parental rights. The Democrat majority believe you need help, you aren’t smart enough to know what’s best for your children. LGBTQ education? The government knows best of when and how your children should be educated about this sensitive topic. Mental health therapy for your child? The legislature will make that decision, not you. Protecting your children from violent harm? The Democrats will override the Second Amendment and make that decision for you. Child vaccinations? The majority knows best, not you.

The LGBTQ sex education bill is one of the most egregious attacks on parental rights and promotion of indoctrination by way of special interest. For example, I introduced an amendment to the bill that requested the so-called comprehensive sex education curriculum must teach you need a biological man and a biological women to conceive a child. This is the basics of biology and life. The Democrats quickly killed the amendment. We introduced another amendment to remove Kindergarten to third-grade students from the LGBTQ sex education bill. Again, stifled by the majority. Republicans introduced an amendment that forced out Planned Parenthood money and curriculum from our schools. A firm “No!” from the Democrat majority.

The Democrat bill won’t acknowledge the negative effects of abortion, it normalizes abortion, and places abortion on an even plane as other contraceptives. Basically, sugarcoating abortion. Republicans introduced an amendment to include the negative effects of abortion. The majority: No! Weren’t the Democrats touting “comprehensive” education?.

Never forget, the elected officials in the state Capitol are not smarter than you, they are not there to override your authority. They are there to represent you and your interests, all while abiding by the Constitution, period!

Shane Sandridge

House District 14

What is really going on here?

I can hardly believe the hype about the New Green Deal.

The promoters of this nonsense apparently have forgotten every thing they ever learned in science class.

On this planet we have thousands of volcanoes, with an average of 50 to 60 eruptions each year. That equates to about one eruption per week. Just one big eruption puts out more pollution than entire human race puts out in years. Cow farts? Give me a break, change the cow’s diet.

What is really going on here with this smoke screen? Is this being done to get people all fired up, and scared over nothing? Is this a bait and switch, where they will bring out their real agenda after people no longer “buy” their Green Grinch deal?

Carol Mueller

Colorado Springs

It has now come to this

In the March 9 edition of The Gazette, in the “What’s happening” section, appears an AP article outlining the results of a study conducted at the University of Minnesota.

This study, paid for by, I am assuming, another taxpayer funded government grant, hails the following:

Study: Blacks, Hispanics breath more pollution than they make. This study, co-authored by Jason Hill, a biosystems engineer at the University, (and pointed out by the AP writer, who is white), states, “Is it fair (that) I, (meaning the white professor), create more pollution and somebody else is disproportionately affected by it?”

Conclusion? Racial habits determine pollution creation. Whites create more pollution through their habits and lifestyle. Therefore, because whites create more pollution, due to their disproportionately beneficial lifestyle, (buy more, drive more, live better, damage our environment more), non-whites are more affected by pollution proportionately. Whose exposure to pollution, based on who creates it, is more damaged? Hispanics breathe in 63 percent more pollution than they create, Blacks 56 percent more than they create. The winner? Whites are exposed to only 17 percent less than they make. Conspiracy exposed! Has the white vs. minority divide, now expanded?

Even though “All Men (and women) are (supposedly) created Equal” under God and the Constitution, it is a pity that it now has gotten to this. Science has now validated, through the brilliant research at UM, that breathing has created another divide and disparity amongst the races.

Tom Antkow

Colorado Springs

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