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Signs went up this year at the Penrose Library in downtown Colorado Springs to ban camping to crack down on people sleeping outside the library.

Homeless problem downtown

The homeless population is out of control in Colorado Springs; this has become more evident as the days have become warmer and longer. Take a stroll downtown and you’re greeted by addicts and transients, with their stolen shopping carts, all looking for a handout.

Our city leaders should be ashamed of themselves. As a lifelong resident, and as many others can attest to, our leaders don’t care about the citizens and taxpayers that call Colorado Springs home. They are far too concerned with chasing the almighty tourist dollar and squeezing greenbacks out of anything they can, while most of them profit on the side.

Well city leaders, if you’re not going to make the city cleaner, safer, and overall better for those of us who pay your salaries (and somehow elected you), then I implore you to change it for the tourists you’re always courting. I know if I were a tourist here there is no way I would want to spend anytime downtown or in nearby Monument Valley Park.

But yet there is talk (again) of building a convention center downtown? Are you kidding me?

James McNulty

Colorado Springs

Overpriced housing market

The great fortunes of some come at a price to others!

As the article “Housing prices soar to another record high in Colorado Springs” states that the rising home prices in the area does have its problems, too! These problems come in the form of people that can not find affordable housing. The rising price of homes in Colorado Springs is pricing hardworking people out of the housing market.

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Without being able to afford buying a house in Colorado Springs, they are forced to look into an already overpriced rental market. The average price of a rental in Colorado Springs rose 3% from last year’s prices, with the current average being $1,118. What young person just starting out can afford that and still have money to eat!

With Colorado Springs consistently making the list of great places to live, people are moving here and driving the housing market up, which yes is a good thing if you are trying to sell your house, but makes it really difficult if you are trying to find an affordable place to live. The rental market is outrageous and is only going to get worse with the continued rising of housing prices in the area.

Amy Kreimeyer

Colorado Springs

Seniors not on the public dole

Even some elected officials don’t understand Social Security. President Franklin Roosevelt enacted the Social Security Act in the 1930s.

The idea sounded good. Lots of us have trouble saving money — especially for some far-off idea like retirement. The government offered to do it for us. It was sold as a Social Security Trust Fund— a retirement plan. They would put the money safely away for later. With it they bought government bonds. By age 65, the time when we could begin to withdraw it, Social Security would be a tidy nest egg. The government would be helping us save.

Dick Durbin, a senator from Illinois, called, “senior citizens the ‘Greediest Generation’ as he compared Social Security to a milk cow with 310 million teats.” How can he say such a thing, when we paid into it monthly while we were working.

To add insult to injury, now the government is “moving the goal posts” by making the time we will receive our money age 67 rather than age 65. The government is complaining that the Social Security fund is running out of money.

How can that be since the money was supposed to be waiting for us? We know it isn’t.

As a career politician of about 40 years, Sen. Durbin has been paid by us in the form of taxes. He has been on the public dole! Not us!

Roberta Sutton


A new, softer generation

The men and women who fought World War II truly deserve their country’s respect. They put their lives and sacred honor on the line for the country they loved and for their children and grandchildren. But now we have a new, softer generation of military academy graduates like Nic Ready who only care about their egos and financial gain.

My hard-earned taxes paid for his education and now he takes the easy way out to not only play a game but complains how stressful waiting on the MLB draft was.

Stressful? My father was a Navy corpsman who served aboard the USS West Virginia during World War II and with the Marines in Korea. That was stressful. My husband served two tours in Vietnam as a combat medic. That was stressful.

Waiting to find out which ballclub will hire you when you should be on active duty is not stressful, it’s disgraceful.

Susan Haines

Colorado Springs

End fetal tissue research

In the article “Trump halts fetal tissue research by government, it was mentioned that the scientific consensus was “that there is no adequate substitute for fetal tissues in some research areas.”

How does the scientific community know this? What research have they attempted without fetal tissue?

It would seem that if fetal tissue were available, the scientific community would not even bother with any other kind of research. Somehow the Salk polio vaccine was created without fetal tissue research as were many other vaccines. I would really like to see the scientific community back up its statements.

Ann Bronson

Castle Rock

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