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A panhandler at Bijou Street and the southbound Interstate 25 off-ramp.

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Homeless not helping themselves

Colorado Springs continues to try to fix the homeless problem the wrong way. It is true that we have a problem, just like other cities around the country. But let’s remember that the city did not cause this problem except for providing more and more to people who choose to live the way they wish to live.

Everywhere I go, when I am out at business establishments, I see signs stating “We are hiring” or “Help Wanted”! Somehow, a large number of these homeless people have the money to buy cigarettes ($5.00+/pack), alcohol (enough to lose their sobriety) or marijuana (cost $? by the ounce)! Let’s face it, a majority of these people are not trying to help themselves. Why in the world do we want to encourage this lifestyle?

I believe if you provided counseling to them, they probably would not attend except to get out of the weather. We can see how they treat the parks and homeless camps where they reside. They absolutely trash them and then move on to another location and trash it, too. They don’t try to pick up after themselves or even use the port-a-potties that have been provided. What makes anyone think they will take care of new affordable housing? All you will do is open up a new can of worms that you will not be able to get back into the worm can!

Robert Koelbl

Colorado Springs


A scary percentage of voters

To change the U.S. Constitution, you need 75 percent of the states to ratify it. In Colorado, all you need is 55 percent of the vote. Let us remember that it is very hard to get 50 percent of the registered voters to turn out for an election as usually it is less than 50 percent.

What this means is if only 40 percent of the voters turn out, and the 55 percent threshold was met (at 55 percent), only 22 percent of registered voters is needed to change the Colorado Constitution. This scares me, and I hope it scares you as well!

Joseph J. Milich

Colorado Springs


Do homework before voting

Citizens, you have likely recently received your “Blue Book”, for the state ballots/Election Day in November.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the politicians know that you are in charge of taxation, as the Taxpayer Bill of Rights gives you that control...and the politicians despise the fact that they cannot increase your taxes at their leisure, for whatever purposes they see fit...with no accountability.

So, they take a different tack: they word the ballot initiatives with benign cutesy phrases like, “without raising taxes”, to lull the citizenry into a false sense of security in thinking that your tax positions will not be affected. Don’t believe it for a minute! “Without raising taxes” is code for, “we have already raised your taxes years ago, in a previous ballot initiative that we said we would “sunset” after five years, but we want to deceive you into approving an extension of that ballot initiative of taxes we have already raised, for another 10 years”. That’s “...without raising taxes”.

The takeaway? Do your homework. Demand accountability. Demand to know what they are doing at the city, county and state levels with taxes collected for one purpose, that may have been “diverted” for another purpose. If your taxes are raised in 2019, remember you voted for it.

John Erskine

Colorado Springs


More in-depth pre-selection process

This letter is in reference to the numerous articles and letters to the editor concerning the appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to our Supreme Court.

This appointment appears to have taken on a them-and-us attitude, when in fact Judge Kavanaugh has been appointed and his decisions will affect all of us both Republicans and Democrats and we will all have to live with that for the next 20 years or so.

One result of this appointment hearing will be anyone considering going into public life should ask themselves, do I want my whole life scrutinized back to my high school days?

Although never having done anything criminal, I would not like all of the things I did in high school and college brought to public light. Who among us would? There might be a few, but I do not think there would be many.

A better system might be a more in-depth pre-selection process with the FBI fact finding inquiry asking specific questions and giving the selected individual a chance to identify problem areas that might arise.

Nathaniel J. Gilmore III

Colorado Springs


Standing on fact and principle

It was a shame to hear the names Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby, who are known sexual predators, mentioned in the same breath with Brett Kavanaugh. The guilt-by-accusation that we saw displayed on our TV screens was chilling. Judge Kavanaugh has lived an exemplary life, and all that his accusers had in their arsenal to stop his appointment was to throw enough accusations of terrible things at him, hoping it would reach a critical mass and he would withdraw or Trump would withdraw the nomination. Fortunately, both men are very strong — and willing to stand on fact and principle. People who are not guilty do not slink off.

Our once noble Democrat party has shocked us all—bringing Antifa — to the halls of Congress — and yes, into the sacred Senate Chamber. The “rent a mob” tactic was carried to its extreme limit in this case. There are reports of representatives of George Soros’ organizations being seen paying off protesters as they got hauled out of the Senate.

I am grateful for our new Justice — that he is a constitutionalist.

Roberta Sutton


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