Gang violence is persecution

In the Gazette editorial of June 12 the case is made that those seeking asylum only qualify if fleeing persecution specifically “on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion.” The editors posit “that the majority of immigrants entering the U.S. are ineligible for asylum (gang violence, domestic abuse and destitution do not count as persecution).”

Destitution and presumably domestic violence do not qualify, but gang violence certainly does because the asylum seekers do belong to a specific social group — non-gang members.

If the rule is being misread to disallow victims of gang violence, then Congress should immediately pass clarifying legislation and fix this.

Interestingly, those released awaiting an asylum hearing report to the court as required 99% of the time — an amazing statistic. Two out of five asylum hearings end up causing the deportation of the seekers, so 40% are sent away.

Non-asylum legal immigration is limited by the spots available, so demand far outstrips supply. At the border, the lines now require a multi-day wait before the immigrant is allowed to present themselves for asylum. These policies make “slipping over the border” or overstaying a visa attractive.

We need immigrants and their children because Americans are not making enough babies. Something like 2.4 children per couple is required just to replace the population. Think about your friends and family. How many couple do you know of personally that have more than two children? If you know a lot, you are probably Mormon or Amish. Catholics are right at 2 according to

Young immigrant families are required to offset our lack of fecundity. I want as many workers contributing to Social Security as possible — just enlightened self-interest without a tinge of racism.

Tim Haley

Colorado Springs

U niversities can help immigrant issue

Last night on a cable news program, Dr. Victor Davis Hanson, PhD, presented a great solution to the housing, feeding and care for the hundreds and hundreds of temporary illegal immigrants. His suggestion is one of clarity and simplicity in that the progressives in California and elsewhere, “put their progressive resources where their mouths are” (my phrase, not his).

Dr. Hanson suggests that instead of moving temporary illegal immigrants to military bases, the University of California University System (and other universities that are proponents of the “sanctuary” ideology) should open their dormitories/campuses (and all that that entails) to these individuals.

These universities have housing, dining facilities, medical facilities, legal assistance offices, capable administrators (and apparently, untold numbers of vocal professors and student advocates/activists) who I’m confident would be willing participants in solving this problem. If the progressives truly believe in their cause they continue to promote on the national stage, and have the courage of their convictions, then they should step up and follow through.

The UC University System, the University of Denver, the University of Washington, the University of Colorado System, Colorado College, etc., etc. should all open their doors without haste, to end the “suffering” of the oppressed, at the hands of an (alleged) uncaring, colonialist U.S. Government.

John Erskine

Colorado Springs

No expectation of being liked

The Supreme Court should have another new case to hear and decide in about 4-5 years. A woman was refused service at a restaurant due to her employment by the Executive Branch of the U.S. government, in other words an employee of Donald Trump. Oh wait, Sarah Sanders immediately responded by agreeing to leave the establishment when asked to do so. How horribly wrong this was of her. Where is her feeling of entitlement? Where is her desire to push her rights and agenda on those who have incompatible views or beliefs? Where is her willingness to stand up and sue for all Trump employees and supporters to be served food in a political blue zone? I am sure it would have been an affront to the restaurant owner and the cook, as well as a violation of deeply held political values, to prepare a BLT for Sanders.

The Masterpiece Cake decision and this incident are really the same issue.

We live in a society made up of flawed and judgmental human beings. This is not about whether your sexual or political preferences are immutable, biological, or a behavioral choice, it is about the fact that we have no reasonable expectation of being liked, accepted, and yes, approved of by everyone we meet. However, we do have the right to be served by an establishment that is open for business to the public no matter how much our lifestyle or beliefs may be disagreed with, but if you are refused find another establishment because intolerance to that extent is very limited.

Barry Schultz


Thank you to online school

As the school year comes to an end, I would like to thank the teachers and staff at Pikes Peak Online School (PPOS) for helping my daughter find her voice.

Abby has oral apraxia, which is a condition where the connection between brain and tongue is slower than average. This makes pronunciation a challenge, and Abby would regularly become frustrated when she couldn’t get her words out.

Since enrolling at PPOS, I have seen Abby grow as a leader thanks to the various opportunities the school has provided. PPOS is a positive, encouraging environment where she is able to gain confidence in her learning abilities. Abby is now an honor roll student — a first for her — and she is very involved with volunteering at a local therapeutic riding center.

I am so proud to watch my daughter thrive at PPOS!

Zsuzsa Glasscock

Colorado Springs