Replacing coal with renewables

I have to disagree with the column by Lt. Col. ML Kavanaugh, Ph.D., in the Sunday paper. I don’t know what kind of Ph.D he has, but I’ll bet it isn’t in science, unless it’s political science. He describes the white “smoke” coming from Martin Drake and concludes that the plant must be shut down to save the children. His solution is for everyone to drive electric cars.

First, I’d like to point out to the good professor that the white “smoke” is mostly water vapor coming from cooling towers, 99 percent H2O, harmless. The only pollution coming from the plant is from the tall tower which barely emits visible smoke.

As for solving the problem (if there is one) by mandating electric vehicles, that will increase the demand for electricity by 30-50 percent and require more coal-powered plants. The idea that we can replace coal plants with renewables is a fantasy.

Rip Blaisdell

Teller County


Continue to use Martin Drake

I am sorry, ML Cavanaugh, but the smoke that you and your daughter object to is primarily harmless steam, which is water vapor, mixed with air and is used to generate efficient and affordable power. Millions have been spent over the years to reduce emissions from coal combustion at this plant. Why not continue to use the plant? If it is torn down, we will spend a huge amount of money replacing its capacity. How will we afford to run our electric cars without cheap power generation?

COLUMN: Obsolete Colorado Springs power plant must be closed

Yes the climate has changed and is definitely warming up but how much has the Martin Drake plant changed the climate. Very little, I am sure.

James Howell

Colorado Springs


What’s coming out of Martin Drake

Lt. Col. ML Cavanaugh, Ph.D. — what you and your children are seeing going into the air from Martin Drake is steam. The “white smoke” isn’t smoke; it’s a natural process of heating water in the plant’s boilers to make steam. The steam drives the turbine generators to make electricity. After making steam, the water goes through the cooling towers, and what you see is steam from the cooling process. You can model this to your kids with a tea kettle; boil the water and steam escapes letting you know the water is hot enough to make tea.

Martin Drake is part of Colorado Springs Utilities balanced energy portfolio. By having different ways to produce energy — coal, natural gas, wind and solar, Utilities can keep costs low for it’s ratepayers. Coal and natural gas fired power plants are dispatchable, meaning the power plant load can be adjusted on demand. This is not this case for wind and solar derived energy. So power plants still are a vital source in producing energy.

Will there come a time when other energy sources replace fossil fuels? Yes. But we aren’t there yet, so traditional power plants need to remain in our energy portfolio until then. Meanwhile, let’s educate ourselves and our children about what we see coming out of Martin Drake.

Pete Page



Why no medical profession response?

In the last two weeks, we have heard,that the “NY Governor Signs Late Term Abortion Law, That Gives Any Health Care Providers, The Ability To Commit An Abortion Up To The Very Last Moment Before Birth” and of course we have the “Governor Of Virginia, who is a medical doctor by profession” stating, “you can have a later term abortion even when the child is born and is outside the womb, And that the doctor can abort the child (infanticide) if the mother (or both parents) telling the doctor, “we don’t want this baby.”

Where is the outcry from those of the medical profession, especially, those whom are medical doctors (MDs) Or Osteopathic Doctor’s (DOs)? I have not seen or heard anyone from the medical profession addressing this issue in “The Gazette’s Editorial/Opinion section”? It seems there should have been someone or anybody in the El Paso County, that isin the “medical profession” making statements “pro or con”. Why not?

Will Shipley

El Paso County


Gardner’s endorsement of Trump

Apparently, Sen. Cory Gardner feels the country and our military need more preposterous lies from the president for another four years. No word from the senator’s office about Trump’s outrageous claims he made, in person, to our front-line troops at Al Asad, Iraq, in December that he provided them their “first raise in a 10 years,” that he “made it a big one,” and that it was “10 per cent.” Of course, per federal law our service men and women have received modest pay raises over the past 10 years, including this year (2.6 percent).

My utmost personal sympathy to our military and their supervisors in their attempts to explain the president’s .... um ... “claims” (false boasts) to them about their pay and benefits. Gardner’s endorsement of Trump’s re-election makes him complicit in Trump’s world of deceit, darkness and sea of lies.

Dick Bursell

Colorado Springs


A reality or a cruel joke

I strongly urge readers to closely look at their completed Form 1040 for 2018 and compare it to that which you filed for 2017. If you receive a refund for 2018, was it higher or lower than the prior year? Was your tax burden for 2018 higher or lower than 2017?

These answers will likely reveal if the highly touted tax legislation was for you a reality or a cruel joke for working Americans, and it may well guide your vote in 2020.

Thomas Davis


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