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A man with some of his belongings hangs out on one of the downtown benches on North Tejon Street in Colorado Springs.

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Disgusting downtown occurrences

I have lived in Colorado Springs for nearly 45 years, and my wife is a third-generation native.

There is a population downtown that has become quite disturbing to the aesthetics and safety of people who wish to enjoy eating and walking in the downtown area. The last two times while being downtown to eat, enjoying the outside tables for our fine eating establishments, there have been very disturbing occurrences. One was a lady, unkempt and talking to herself, panhandling with a paper cup while sitting on a cement flower bed. I observed her stand, place the cup down her pants and urinate into the cup and go over and pour the contents into the flower bed.

Last night, with my visiting daughter, there were two young men, obviously high and weaving around. While going into the eating establishment, one began brushing his teeth with toothpaste from a sack he had. He spits towards my feet. I look at him in disgust and he says, “Go on into the store!” and continues brushing and spitting on the concrete sidewalk. I felt saddened by the thought that I almost brought my grandchildren to eat there instead of pickup and the disgusting behavior they would have seen.

What can be done other than not go downtown?

Rick Walford

Colorado Springs

Reparations and fairness never end

It absolutely is time that the descendants of the 360,222 Union soldiers killed in the Civil War were given reparations. The black race owes the white race, for giving them freedom at the cost of their own lives. Yet, if we go back before the Civil War, white people were responsible for approximately 9,000,000 Indians dead (mostly due to white men’s diseases). So reparations given to the white folk from black folk must now be given to Indians. But what about the Japanese during the second world war, and the Chinese still being discriminated against by Harvard? Does it ever end — can’t we all just get along?

On giving, if we are going to give all the rights of citizenship to illegal immigrants, such as free Medicaid with free hearing aids, glasses, medical care food, rent and a monthly stipend, what are Americans on Medicare going to get? If illegals are getting your share, you get zero.

Ronald Reagan in 1986 said that we would make approximately 2,000,000 illegals legal, have their taxes going to the U.S. Treasury and we build a wall and not allow in more illegals. He lied, so did our Congress, especially the Democrats. We now have a problem; we have millions of illegals and no solution. What happened? It appears to this writer that if we tax illegals, then they must be allowed to vote, after all “taxation without representation is tyranny … ,” or we could just boot out the illegals.

My vote is for expulsion; if people want to come here, let them come here legally to live and raise a family legally.

Theodore Misko

Colorado Springs

Guns for self-protection

Here are two recent examples, written by Liz Henderson of the Gazette, (Thursday, July 11) of why it is necessary for women, and in fact anyone, to have a gun to protect themselves.

“ … On Friday, a 68-year-old woman was assaulted at Monument Valley and touched in a sexual manner before the suspect ran away.”

“Twelve days earlier, a woman had been beaten with a metal pipe in broad daylight at Bear Creek Park.”

The woman who was assaulted by a man with a metal pipe was struck in the back of her head. When she turned to see what or who had hit her, the man stuck her again. She tripped, rolled down a hill and he came after her beating her with the pipe.

Now consider — if either woman had owned and used a gun for her own safety, the men who assaulted them might have hopefully been halted in their attacks and might not be running around loose to attack others.

In the article, “Self-defense class offered in response to park attacks,” Henderson also mentioned the Calvary Family Martial Arts who offered a free class in how to protect oneself. Good for them! However, many older people simply do not have the strength or the ability to give a close, up-and-personal physical defense as the class teaches. A gun, however, can give you distance and a “fighting” chance to defend yourself and to stop an attacker.

It would behoove all who live in El Paso County to take a personal defense gun class and learn how to handle a gun for personal safety. They also should consider a self- defense class if they are physically able to engage in the class.

Helen Sabin

Colorado Springs

Truth prevailed after investigation

Truth has prevailed, but not without a big scar. Gen. John Hyten has been cleared, totally, of any wrongdoing as implied by what have proved to be false accusations. I know John Hyten. Not only is he a brilliant officer and great leader, he is a man of impeccable integrity. I am not surprised the investigation into his career found no evidence.

But here’s what I think this incident reveals: people of no ethics and with reprehensible motives have displayed a total lack of character and moral principles. Scurrilous conduct by people who behave in this manner are tearing at the very fabric of our society and therefore at our nation. They must be revealed so we can learn their motives, their intent and their goals. We must know who they are so that we can make examples of this despicable conduct with the hope others who may be so motivated will think again.

But I suspect Gen. Hyten would say no, let them be. The truth prevails. Good on you, John. I’m sorry you and your family had to endure this dark period. I thank you for your sacrifice, your wisdom, your courage and your dedication to America. Were that others were so motivated.

Don Addy

Colorado Springs

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