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A concerted effort to minimize history

A newspaper article I just read had this headline: “Even George Washington may be erased from our past.” A school in San Francisco has a mural of Washington’s life (done in 1936 as a WPA project) depicting all the phases of his life — including that he had slaves. Some activists are saying that the mural should be gone. They say it’s traumatizing the students. For the previous 83 years the students weren’t traumatized, or we never heard of it.

Now many of our students know little of Washington. A friend related a remarkable story a man told him about a conversation the man had with his son.

The man asked his son, who was soon to graduate from high school with honors, what he knew about George Washington. The young man admitted he only knew that Washington had slaves!

Did you know that you can graduate in history from Harvard without taking an American history class? Fifty-three undergraduate history programs of the 76 highest ranked colleges don’t require even a single American history course to fulfill the history major. I wonder when this thinning of the history requirement started.

If you have a student nearly finished with high school, ask him or her a few simple questions. For instance: name as many as you can of the Founders of our country. Who wrote The Declaration of Independence? What year was it written? From what country were the colonists declaring their independence? How many colonies were there? Who presided over the Constitutional Convention in 1789? What are the three branches of government? Who was our first president?

For that matter, also ask modern-day questions. Who was the Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in World War II? Who was the first man to set foot on the moon? What year was that? What was Pearl Harbor?

It’s as if there is a concerted effort to minimize or erase our nation’s past from the thoughts of our present-day students.

Roberta Sutton


Questioning Polis’ priorities

I find it interesting that Gov. Jared Polis worked diligently to get Colorado to join in on Super Tuesday. The advantage he mentioned was that the major parties would focus on issues important to Colorado. That certainly seems like a laudatory goal.

However, during the legislative session, Gov. Polis signed the National Popular Vote bill, which would eliminate the Electoral College. If, and when the NPV comes into effect nationally, states with fewer electoral votes, i.e., Colorado, would no longer be a priority for presidential candidates. We would no longer see candidates campaign in our state. Our issues would no longer be important.

What is your priority, Gov. Polis? Petitions are being circulated to protect the vote of Colorado citizens by keeping the Electoral College.

Linda Taylor

Colorado Springs

Security upgrades for all schools

Re: May 14 article on the STEM school shooting:

Given that Douglas County commissioners have the responsibility to provide safety for all Douglas County school students, I am assuming that not just public school students, but every student, including those attending charter and private schools, will be afforded the protections of security upgrades and mental health services. To provide less would be a travesty for those student segments.

Karen Walker

Colorado Springs

Things are about to change

You know, I grew up in a state during a time that women were considered property. Especially married women were considered property. If they didn’t get married right out of high school and wanted a “career”, there was something wrong with them.

I’m 79 years old now, and I see the Republican men and fundamental religious zealots trying to turn back the clock. Back then, only the rich or very well-to-do could afford to go Switzerland to have an abortion in a respected hospital. If they found someone who would help them out here, they sometimes died or turned out sterile.

Those of you women who are 50 years old or older know what I’m talking about. The younger women have grown up with jobs, credit cards and the ability to make medical decisions without fear.

All that is about to change. You think teenage suicides are high now, just wait until those men change all these laws enacted at the state level, and Mitch McConnell’s judges in the Supreme Court get through with us. We’ll all be subject to Sharia, and no one is protecting our rights.

Tina Routhier

Colorado Springs

The storm warnings are clear

Reference May 13, Star Parker’s “Today’s Reality”. Who are our biggest enemies? Are they Muslims, China, the LGBT lobby, the Socialists? No, it’s simply … ourselves! We are becoming a self-fulfilled prophecy.

We have taken God out of our schools, courts, public places, prestigious universities, and sadly out of our words, thoughts, and actions.

If one said the answer is to look, read, and ponder the great philosophers, to heed their warnings; we would be whistling up a dead-end street.

You see today, most folks can’t read or speak English, and fewer each day are citizens who care about more than handouts and free stuff.

The storm warnings are clear, if we had one virtue, one ideal, one overarching hope; that was freedom, and we sluff a bit of that each day. God bless America and forgive her, too.

Jack Flobeck

Colorado Springs

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