Homeless camps
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For years, the city has dealt with homeless camps along Fountain Creek off U.S. 24 west of downtown Colorado Springs.

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City won’t address vagrants

On Aug. 28, our company was burglarized. A trail of stolen copper pipe led to a homeless camp behind our property near a creek bed. Here we located many of our stolen items along with three other stolen vehicles, a stolen trailer and a plethora of stolen batteries and tools. Each of the “residents” in the camp blamed the theft on one of their members who was, conveniently, out of the camp at the time.

Only one person was detained for an outstanding warrant. Because tools have no serial number, batteries have no serial number and our outdoor portable canopies do not have serial numbers, we were unable to retrieve our belongings. Other “smaller” items that had identifying information such as vehicle keys, light plants and motorcycles long since vanished. Last night, Sept. 6, our neighbors were also burglarized.

The response from law enforcement is that they can’t prove which member of the group stole the items and they can’t affirmatively prove that the tools and other items were ours so they are powerless. Our monetary loss for tools, vehicle keys, canopies, hand tools, batteries, motorcycles, light plants, fuel etc. runs into the tens of thousands. Our neighbor’s loss could easily exceed this amount given the items that were stolen.

How much longer do we have to tolerate this type of criminal activity from these squatters and thieves? Is it the city can’t or the city won’t do something about these vagrants?

Colleen Chiddix

Colorado Springs

Ugly Springs not inviting

Colorado Spring has become ugly.

Last week, some friends who grew up with us in Colorado Springs came back after three decades for a visit because they were thinking about moving back here to retire. But they ultimately decided against coming back, saying “Oh, My... Colorado Springs has sure become ugly since we were here last with all the unsightly, knee-high weeds growing everywhere you look, unkempt medians full of dead trees, and roadways with trash blowing everywhere; and the homeless camps are just disgusting! It’s a real shame a city that was once so pretty and likes to think of itself as a real tourist destination has sunk so low. Where is your City Council? Where is your mayor?”

And sadly for us... our friends decided against moving back here. So where is our City Council? Where is our mayor? I would guess that they remain busy little beavers approving more and more building, but here’s a thought, y’all: sooner or later people are going to stop coming here to build and live because our city has been allowed to go to the proverbial “heck in a hand basket.”

Face it... the Springs is ugly and word is getting out, just like it got out when the streetlights were turned off and the parks went untended.

Boulder got the idea to limit building decades ago with an eye toward potential water shortages down the road. And since Boulder is not ugly — our friends are moving there instead.

Maggie Mae Sharp

Black Forest

Patriot’s words should be heard

Donald Trump says that the anonymous administration official who wrote to the New York Times about his poor leadership is treasonous and gutless and should be fired. I say that this public servant is a patriot whose words were needed to be read. His actions and those of others were necessary to prevent the dangerous acts of someone who is mentally unstable.

Trump’s outrageous behaviors and statements are nothing new to many people. It is necessary to seriously consider putting into effect the 25th Amendment, which calls for the removal of a president when he is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” The United States cannot survive much longer under the rule of such an incompetent.

David J. Baker

Colorado Springs

Not a ‘for it or against it’ person

Roe v. Wade has remained a contentious subject and again is a major issue pending the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice. For many it’s either “you’re for it or against it” with no middle ground; which seems to be the opinion on most issues in our current society. As for me, I am conflicted. In most instances, women do have the right to chose.

They have the right to chose whether to have sex. They have the right to choose whether to use birth control or insist that the partner use birth control. In the case of rape, incest, or where the life of the mother is at risk, abortion should definitely be an option. I’m not sure at what stage of the pregnancy abortion should be denied. I’m not convinced that abortion for convenience as a result of an irresponsibly poor choice of not to use birth control justifies abortion. However, that issue has been determined and I don’t believe will be reversed no matter who is appointed to the Supreme Court.

Tax dollars should not be used to support abortion or birth control through Planned Parenthood or other nonprofit entities. Those who support Planned Parenthood and their programs, many of which are very wealthy individuals, should be willing and able to give tax deductible charitable donations to support such programs. Those whose religious beliefs are against such programs should not be forced to have their tax dollars used in support of them.

So, I’m not a “for it or against it” person. Some agree with me on all or part of my opinions, and some agree with some or none. It is important that we communicate, cooperate, and compromise. That’s the American way, or at least it once was.

R. Wayne Baughman

Colorado Springs

Elections have consequences

Kim Chatterly misses a major point in the selection of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. You lost the election. You do not get to pick the judges. In the words of Barack Obama, “elections have consequences.” Kim is terrified of what Kavanaugh would do as judge. She should be, she is obviously a liberal. President Donald Trump was elected to be sure Hillary did not select the judges. For starters, Hillary would not have nominated Merrick Garland. She would have selected someone along the lines of Eric Holder or maybe Lanny Davis.

With those selections, I would have had to worry about the Second Amendment being overturned, the borders being abolished, ICE being abolished, illegals having the right to vote, etc.

The Supreme Court selection has become so political because Obama decided to do everything with a pen and a phone. The only ones that can stop that are the courts. The legislature is supposed to pass the laws. The president is not supposed to be able to decide what is law. People saw enough of this with Obama and his executive orders and wanted change.

If Trump tries to do everything with executive orders and uses the court, he should be run out, too.

Pat OConnell

Colorado Springs

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