Trader Joes Bags

Bag problem solved perfectly

It seems that Trader Joe’s has solved the problem perfectly regarding grocery bags — recycled paper bags with handles. One bag for light loads and double bags for heavy loads. Just substitute the name for King Soopers or other store name. When the bag(s) wear out, recycle them again.

Richard Serby

Colorado Springs

Banning other plastics

Let me begin by stating that I agree in principle with Jon Caldara that the banning of plastic and paper grocery bags is not an optimal solution for residents of Colorado. That said, I must offer some dispute to his arguments, in particular his comments as to what other single-use plastics might be banned.

I offer three counter examples: First, somewhere between 20-25% of the time after severe wind storms, I have been compelled to liberate plastic bags streaming like tattered pennants from entanglement in the twigs and thorns of a Russian Olive tree.

Second, I have on several occasions, while trailing a garbage truck eastbound on CO-94, witnessed a storm of plastic bags blowing out the top opening of said truck reminiscent of a ticker-tape parade, only more dangerous to drivers due to the possibility of bags obstructing windshields.

Third, I have observed plastic bags wafting along the breeze at altitudes of 20-40 feet above the ground, much like helium-filled party balloons.

On the other hand, I have never had to remove a plastic tampon applicator from a tree. Neither have I seen any flow of applicators from garbage trucks nor applicators floating through the air like balloons.

Furthermore, it is evident that Caldara has never participated in a river cleanup activity and consequently has no idea how far downstream plastic straws travel, his presumptive water treatment plants notwithstanding.

Caldara occasionally has a valid position, but his argumentation is frequently so poorly constructed as to negate his intentions. It would have been better if he had suggested alternative legislative approaches that might reduce the pollution problems without imposing draconian restrictions.

Mark Von Hendy

Colorado Springs

Garbage in equals garbage out

All too often people are listening and watching the 24/7 political opinion show hosts on the 2nd rate cable news channels of Fox, Newsmax, CNN and MSNBC, and listening to political talk radio or checking out the shock jocks on the internet and taking what these political opinion show hosts say as the gospel truth.

Political opinion show hosts are nothing more than entertainers who are under no obligation to report the news, the truth or the facts. It’s their job to spin the wildest stories they can to increase their ratings and by doing so increase their profit margins. Rush Limbaugh referred to himself as an entertainer and that’s exactly what he was.

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Not everything on the internet is true, most of it isn’t. The nationally distributed newspapers both in print and online, like the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal are held accountable and sued for false reporting.

The news networks of ABC, CBS, NBC, news minus the political opinions, reported by their professional News Anchors are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission and are not allowed to profit off of anger, lies and evil conspiracy theories.

Brian Williams was demoted from his perch as News Anchor at NBC to political opinion show host/entertainer on MSNBC for stating he was shot at in Iraq when he wasn’t. We will never see that happens with Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow as they are already entertainers.

Be selective, as garbage in equals garbage out. The insurrection and attack on our capital building on Jan 6th is a classic example of garbage in equals garbage out.

Karon McCormick

Colorado Springs

House debate wasn’t chaos

There are those that think government comes without rigorous debate and hearing from all sides. Anything apart from that is seen as chaos. The majority of House Republicans probably also see it that way, but at least some of them said “wait a minute.” What happened when electing a Speaker was not chaos, it was good government. Heck, AOC is probably secretly applauding the action after she wasn’t able to get that exact same thing when Nancy Pelosi was speaker.

John Ausmus


Printing letter was fair-minded

I want to compliment the Gazette editorial staff for printing the Letter to the Editor by Benny Terry “A national embarrassment.” I imagine that it was not comfortable to print that letter, but I respect the fact that the editorial team was fair-minded enough to include it.

I read the Letters to the Editor just about every day that they are offered, and Terry’s letter was one of the very best I have read. I wish I had submitted it.

Voters need to stop electing idiots like Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Marjorie Taylor Greene, etc, etc.

As a popular Trump T-shirt states: “Elect a clown, expect a circus.”

Doug Landolfi

Colorado Springs


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