Taxes on pot approved by House committee (copy)

Addicted to marijuana tax revenue

In a recent statement, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis lauded our state’s $1 billion marijuana tax milestone, but said “we can’t rest on our laurels.” What laurels would those be?

As noted in the New York Times this January, large studies in peer-reviewed journals show that marijuana increases the risk of psychosis and schizophrenia. The danger is especially high for those 25 and under, whose developing brains are at risk for permanent damage from the drug. Before recreational legalization began, pro-marijuana advocates promised us it would reduce violent crime. If anything, the opposite has occurred, as the FBI reports sharp increases in murders and aggravated assaults in the first four states to legalize pot. Are these the marijuana industry laurels you’re celebrating, Governor?

Then again, you’re no doubt aware of the many negative personal and societal impacts of pot, leading one to wonder whether you and our other elected officials simply don’t care — because you’re as addicted to marijuana tax revenue as many are to the drug itself.

J.W. Campbell

Colorado Springs

Defending the conservative stance

David Baker seems to despise the conservatives of Colorado Springs and yet he resides in Colorado Springs? He can always move to Boulder if he likes and really practice his beliefs. Regarding the $325 million that the government is giving to our community, it has nothing to do with government getting into our personal lives. As for the Electoral College, it has nothing to do with a political party. He states we (conservatives) want all votes to go to the Republican side? He doesn’t understand that the Electoral College can go to the Democratic side as well. Without it, the popular vote from just a few larger cities would elect a president and the smaller rural cities and communities would basically have no say. The Electoral College is pure genius, regardless of which way it goes.

Next, we put up with 16 years of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and I’ve never seen such spewed hatred for either of those two considering their records. And believe me they were far from perfect.

Having “women to make their decisions about their reproductive choices” is missing the whole point. An abortion is not like taking out an appendix or a tumor. An abortion is about stopping a beating heart of a human being. Oh, us nasty conservatives.

Doug Higgins


Letter’s questionable statements

I just read the letter to The Gazette from Davis J. Baker, reference the hypocrisy of conservatives. He said our president was a lying, bigoted, misogynistic, bulling, thrice married ignoramus. He also said the government sending $325 million to Colorado Springs is government interfering in our lives. The government should nor interfere when a women decides to kill her baby. That if the voters decided to give all nine electoral votes to a Republican, that’s wrong.

He thinks tax cuts are bad and Supreme Court decisions should be based on politics. He also thinks that unless conservatives agree with him. we have no morality and “family values.”

And this guy said our president was an ignoramus? Go figure.

Robert E Mulvaney

Colorado Springs

The sovereignty of individual states

I have now spent several weeks as a volunteer scrambling mightily to acquire petition signatures to enable a ballot item next year to say “No” to Colorado Statute 19-42, our state’s sudden mandate to force Colorado presidential electors to vote for the winner of the presidential national popular vote. A “No!” vote on the proposed ballot initiative on next year’s ballot will thus protect the Constitutionally mandated Presidential Electoral College.

I have allowed my imagination to run deeply into what the Electoral College is meant to do — protect the constitutional and moral sovereignty of the individual states against tyrannical national majorities.

May we not import that same sovereignty internally to the state of Colorado?

As a registered Colorado voter for some seven decades, I am beginning to absorb the motivations of our Founding Fathers to accomplish just that protection within my home state. With our state’s recent history of disastrous decisions on the part of our General Assembly and current governor, including the Masterpiece Cakeshop atrocity, the popularly mandated marijuana fiasco, the ridiculous legalization of silly mushrooms in Denver, and the exposure of our school kids to all sorts of lifestyles, all of which have been contrived by the majority-population of the Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins axis, should not the other four million or so Coloradans have a say in any of this? May not Colorado’s electoral districts, divided into 35 Senate seats and 65 House seats, enjoy the same individual sovereignty from an overly ambitious state government that the 50 states have from a national government?

Whitney Galbraith

Colorado Springs

The list is so endless

Jim Anderson’s attack on Dennis Sladek’s response to the David Ramsey column on Trump supporters Sidney and Myra Patin is so vitriolic, it kind of reminds me of a certain president. These are the indisputable and nonpartisan facts of the said president: Over 10,000 verified lies (not even counting those told this week), over $22 trillion national deficit since Trump’s Tax “break”, 13,000 migrant children removed from their parents and in ICE custody, 10 indictable offenses of obstruction of justice in Mueller’s report which also did not state that Trump’s campaign rebuffed Russian assistance, and did not state no collusion nor no obstruction.

Again verified evidence that Trump had an affair with a porn star while married to Melania and then paid hush money, nearly 20 investigations into the Trump Inauguration committee, his tax returns, Deutsche Bank, Trump businesses etc., the list is endless, not to mention this week’s pronouncement that he would welcome dirt on a political opponent from a foreign nation in the 2020 election.

I am the first to admit I am not a Trump supporter but the facts speak for themselves. Why if the president is so blameless and this is all a witch hunt does he not release his tax returns, let his staff testify, open his business books and dealings?

Gail Calloway

Colorado Springs

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