FILE PHOTO: United States Postal Service (USPS) worker unloads packages in Manhattan during outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in York (copy)

A U.S. Postal Service worker unloads packages in 2020 from his truck.

Why the post offi

ce loses money

I recently picked up my mail at my community mail box and took out a packet of mail held together with a rubber band. When I started going through it, I noticed that only the top piece was mine. I had received mail for 9 of the 11 houses on my street. I went to my local branch and talked to the manager about this instance and frequent prior instances of mis-delivery, and was underwhelmed at the level of concern. “I’ll see which of my knuckleheads did this.”

He did not, however, make any promises about fixing the ongoing problem of mis-delivery of mail in my neighborhood. With the apparent lack of concern about proper performance by delivery personnel, no wonder the post office keeps losing money.

John Koch

Colorado Springs

Do not add fuel to the fire

Barry Fagin’s article in Thursday’s Gazette about our political, authoritarian-leaning, wing nuts was informative. But I was dumbfounded reading his word choice: “It’s speaking the truth to your tribe when you think they’re wrong, and in your tribe’s willingness to tolerate dissent.”

After America’s decades in the Middle East, I suppose it was inevitable that we individualistic Americans, with our political parties, varieties of family units, clubs, fraternities and multitude of religious beliefs would absorb and now devolve into using the descriptors of tribal societies. It seems that the vernacular fad of the moment is to identify or reclassify our American society as a bunch of tribes. I’ve seen this humorous(?) reference used on Facebook and it is disturbing. Americans are already divided in so many ways today. I don’t give a hoot what Merriam Webster or the OED might say, do not add fuel to the fire by legitimizing the use of “tribes” when referring to the fabric of American society. Words matter.

James Cullivan

Colorado Springs

AFA doesn’t market their product

Gary Crandell’s recent letter about lack of support for Air Force athletics in the community is correct, however what Crandell may not know is it did not used to be this way. Over the past 10-plus years the academy has completely disinvested itself from promoting their athletics to the community. I might note my family has no military ties at all.

My children grew up in that stadium on Saturdays, it was packed to the rafters when Notre Dame came to town, not a ticket to be had. The cars in the parking lot stretched for as far as the eye could see. Fisher DeBarry was the pied piper of football coaches. Then what happened? The world changed, the academy became inaccessible, locals could not get on or off without great hassle. The marketing department completely forgot how to market their product. They have done an abysmal job of late.

Troy Calhoun, the “Bill Belichick” of college football is completely invisible in Colorado Springs. It used to be affordable to take families to the games, they had all kinds of promotions and coupons. I blame the academy who has had so much internal strife (leadership), that the community has become an afterthought. I will never understand how having less than 15,000 in attendance is better than a full house of families who haven’t paid full price. I still go to select football games, because I am a fan. Except for the hockey team (Coach Serratore) the joy is gone.

Kathleen Maffeo

Colorado Springs

Time for renovation of Falcon StadiumI would like to respond to the Jan. 5 letter from Gary Crandell regarding the lack of support for the AFA football team.

I totally agree with his comments. My friends and I have been season-ticket holders at the AFA football games for almost 50 years, enjoying the excitement and pageantry of each game. We have attended games with over 50,000 fans filling the stands; marveled at the parachutists; watched the falcons fly at halftimes and once counted 50 planes fly by before the game. Where else can you witness this?

However, we won’t be attending the games in the future for the following reasons: too many night games, lack of both handicap parking and security railings in the aisles.

The addition of a huge screen on the north side of the stadium was a wonderful start. However, it’s time for a total renovation of Falcon Stadium. I understand that plans are underway to begin on the east side of the stadium. That’s a good beginning.

These future leaders of our country deserve our support. Let’s do so with upgrading a Falcon Stadium filled with memories they will cherish forever.

Linda L. Smith

Colorado Springs

Liz and Dick Cheney’s stance

There are many things upon which I would not agree with Liz and Dick Cheney, but their call for the Republican Party leadership to defend the Constitution is not one of them. President Joe Biden won the election, fair and square, Trump supporters violently attacked the Capitol to stop the peaceful transfer of power, and there was nothing to “steal”, as in Stop the Steal, except that stealing is precisely what Trump supporters in and out of Congress want to do now.

It seems any election outcome that does not give Trump a win is deemed illegitimate. Bless you, Liz and Dick.

Linda Wagner

Colorado Springs


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