The Lodge at Flying Horse

Who represents Black Forest?

On Tuesday, the county commissioners had a hearing regarding the Flying Horse North development. Holly Williams, whose constituents are Black Forest residents, recused herself from this very important hearing on the application by Elite Properties Of America to build a hotel and 846 homes.

This violates the county’s Master Plan that was just adopted last year after a rewrite that took several years. The commissioners praised this plan when they adopted it as the guideline that would be used for many years. This new Master Plan increased the density of the Black Forest by shrinking the size of lots from 5 acres to 2 1/2 acres. This was strongly opposed by Black Forest, but the county adopted it anyway.

The Flying Horse North development would increase the density to one unit per acre. It would also allow a hotel that is not at all in comformance with the Master Plan, according to the Regional Building Department. The remaining commissioners, except for one, approved the plan. So when the constituents’ commissioner recuses herself who do the residents have to represent them?

And, what use is a Master Plan if it is ignored by the county commissioners who adopted it? Once again, developers have bought their way by funding the election of politicians. The best government that money can buy.

Bruce Brian

Black Forest

Let the citizens vote

It seems that the citizens who live in El Paso County and Teller County are very aware of the water shortage situation that we have in Colorado. It is very evident in the letters to the editor that are published in The Gazette.

Why don’t the county commissioners acknowledge this serious situation and act appropriately?

They just continue to approve one development after another with no foresight concerning where the water is going to come from. Citizens go to the meetings and express their concerns, and it seems like no one listens to them.

Maybe new developments should be put on the ballot and let the citizens vote whether to approve them.

Sharon Ferguson

Woodland Park

Opinions on recent letters

In Tuesday’s Viewpoints, there were two that I found very well-written and that addressed valid points. “Fear over the facts” by Bill Crow (Larkspur) and “This is unbelievable” by Annie Valades (Cripple Creek). People have misinterpreted the Dobbs decision and the mainstream media has not helped. The decision is with the states, and I certainly do not agree with the law in our state, maybe under the right state leadership we can get it corrected.

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As far as psychedelic mushrooms are concerned, where in the heck are we headed as a state? Oh, they use medical help from them as an excuse just the way some pushed for medical marijuana. Where has that gotten this state? Oh, we get taxes, but the real cost is what it is doing to our citizens. These are my opinions.

Larry A. Sportsman

Colorado Springs

On Trump running in 2024

The declining number of Trump loyalists and an increasing number of Democrats agree on one thing: Trump should be the Republican nominee. Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. Trumpers would rather lose with Trump than win with Ron DeSantis. Democrats are happy to help.

If Republicans nominate Trump again, they will be defeating themselves, and setting the stage for Denial II. And the inauguration of a Democratic president in 2025. I am an unaffiliated voter who voted for Trump two times; never again. I supported many of Trump’s policies, but the man has proven himself to be unstable to the point of being dangerous.

Wil Luden

Colorado Springs

After the midterms

Midterms are over, and Republicans barely got the House. Maybe they can pump the brakes a little on the liberal agenda for the next two years.

It does not appear that Biden was sufficiently impressed with the Republicans underwhelming performance that he will “triangulate” until 2024.

The 2024 presidential election has officially begun. If the Republicans can take the executive office, and even the Senate in 2024 maybe we can start getting the nation back on track. We could reinstate the Trump tax cuts, finish the Trump wall on the southern border and enforce the Trump immigration policies. We could finish the Trump Keystone pipeline and reestablish the Trump drilling policies.

But for goodness sake, don’t vote for Trump. He was a really bad president, and he has an orange face.

Rip Blaisdell

Teller County


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