053109 PATRIOT RALLY (copy)

People at the 9/12 Patriot Rally in 2009 say the Pledge of Allegiance at Acacia Park.

While the watchmen were sleeping

Who remembers “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to The republic for which it stands. One nation Under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all”? Now we have a democracy simply because generations of us have been indoctrinated and not educated. History and civics classes have been replaced with “Common Core” agenda classes, which are mandated by the federal government. Because they return your tax dollars to fund the schools. They set their deceitful tactics into practice while the watchmen have been sleeping.

Socialism was sprung into action in the early 1900s and has been expanding every since. So why are the masses crying now? The watchmen allowed the removal of “The Pledge”, morning prayer and The Bible removed from the schools and yet we are astonished by the growing number of school shootings. God has been thrown out your schoolhouses, courthouses and legislative houses and the watchmen still sleep.

Maybe 5% of the population in this city attends Sunday services. Maybe heroin should be legalized as well! The churches in this country have become content with fake religious practices that are selfish preaching self-centered gospels. Shame, shame! So, now that your country is in the beginning age of sorrows, should you continue to put your faith in the government who is open about imposing slavery unto all people using tactics of hate creating division? I rejoice that the progressive agenda has full control and is now reaping what they’ve sown.

Terrance Lacey

Colorado Springs

War is seldom good for the countryAs I write this letter on Veterans Day, I recall the wars in which the United States has fought. I believe there have only been three that have been worth fighting.

The Revolutionary War was fought to gain America’s independence. Colonists had more than enough of England’s intolerable actions and decided that they no longer wanted to be ruled by a ruthless king. The Revolutionary War showed the freedom of thought and action of our brave forefathers. It resulted in a written constitution and provided its citizens with liberties that were lacking under colonialism.

The Civil War, or War Between the States, was fought to preserve the union and end slavery. President Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand; I believe that government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.” The North’s victory over the South ensured a unified nation and the end of a deplorable condition.

The entry of the United States into World War II was caused by it being attacked by Japan. Our country also fought the forces of Germany and Italy. The victory by America and its allies over the Axis, as these nations were known, was of the utmost importance, to avoid being ruled by a fascist dictatorship. Winning World War II preserved democracy and eventually led to friendly led to friendship with the nations with which we were at war.

Too often this country goes to war with no national interest in mind, no overall planning, no goals to meet, no exit strategy. While war might be good for the military-industrial complex (a term made popular by President Dwight Eisenhower) it is seldom good for the country.

The tragic loss of lives of our finest young persons and waste of billions of dollars can’t be a good thing.

David J. Baker

Colorado Springs

Thankful for the recognition

Sincere thanks to Colorado Springs for a meaningful Veterans Day Parade, and all the restaurants and retailers who showed generous appreciation to the veteran community. Thank you for the recognition!

Gene Robinson

Colorado Springs

The whispering president

I guess I would whisper too if what I had to say was incoherent, misguided, inaccurate, self-inflicted, fabricated and not-so borderline lunacy. Whisper about giving checks to people; whisper about Afghanistan; whisper about raising taxes; whisper about forcing people to take shots; whisper about the supply chain; whisper about spending plans that are nothing but giveaways; whisper about the resulting inflation and finally “whispering” at the British Royal family through the wrong orifice. The resulting stench is literal.

Three more years — I hope President Joe Biden isn’t planning any more state visits… I don’t think U.S. diplomacy can take it.

Steven Bosseler

Colorado Springs

Confusion about the vaccine

Judging by the uproar over Aaron Rodgers, as well as recent letters published here, there seems to be a lot of confusion about what the COVID vaccines do and don’t do, so let’s review what we know. Based on a number of studies, here and in Israel, we know that the vaccines lessen the severity of symptoms if one does contract COVID, thus reducing the chance of death or hospitalization for the demographic most at risk (the elderly and those with serious preexisting medical conditions.)

We know that those who have had COVID and recovered have stronger and longer-lasting immunity than is provided by the vaccines, and also have a significantly higher rate of adverse events after vaccination. We know that the vaccines do not prevent the vaccinated person from catching or transmitting COVID. In fact, the CDC director stated in July that, “Multiple studies show viral titers in saliva of vaccinated are as high [as], if not higher than, unvaccinated patients.”

In other words, vaccinated people who are infected with COVID are at least as likely as the unvaccinated — if not more so — to infect others. So claims that the unvaxed are to blame for the infection of others, have no basis in fact. While the vaccines might protect you, they do not protect anyone else, so whether you choose to be vaccinated, that decision affects only you.

Robert Herzfeld

Colorado Springs


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