American football stadium

American football stadium.

Which is it: Exclusive or inclusive?

Just wondering about a group of citizens in this country, who feel not accepted by other citizens of this country. Looking around, I see people of this particular race/ethnic group in the federal government, on sports teams, in the movies, on talk shows or even talk show hosts/hostesses, owning their own businesses, governors, mayors, ministers, teachers, authors, professors, reporters, etc. They are accepted in all areas of daily life.

However, now, the song “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing”, billed as the Black anthem, is to be played before the national anthem at NFL games during the first week of the season. The national anthem is inclusive for all citizens of this United States, but it seems that now this group of people want to be exclusive and have “their own song” sung before the national anthem.

Which is it: Be exclusive and have a separate anthem or inclusive and be part of this great country?

Erna A. Haring

Colorado Springs

Making football political

Foolish me! I did not know we had a Black anthem and a White anthem. I thought we had a national anthem. Several years ago, the NFL forbid players from wearing on their uniforms the names of police officers killed in Dallas.

Roger Goodell, I have been a Bronco fan BJE (Before John Elway). You choose to make football political; I choose not to watch. I will watch the first game to see if the “Black” anthem is played and to know the advertisers I will not support.

I want to support the Broncos and football not go to a political crusade.

Joy Brown

Colorado Springs

Starved for the truth

Terrific column this Sunday about the “standard of objectivity” in regards to the path current journalism seems to be on. Being a member of the consumer public, trying to figure out what is correct information, what is misinformation and where to go to get ‘the real story,’ I appreciated Vince Bzdek fleshing out the process journalists go through every day to get their reporting done. Resistance journalism might be an easy (and lucrative) path to take but at what cost: your integrity. To all journalists — please take the challenge to submerge your biases and keep your reading public informed on the facts. We are starved for the truth!

Carol Young

Colorado Springs

Typical tax and spend liberal

Good Point/Counterpoint article in Sunday’s, Gazette. Marc Snyder who represents District 18 in the Colorado General Assembly, and is the former mayor of Manitou Springs, is not in favor of letting us citizens have a say in where our taxes are being allocated. He is the typical tax and spend liberal that has infested our state government. He is “Hickenlooper light.” Allowing our elected officials unfettered control of tax or fee revenues is synonymous with giving a 2-year-old a loaded firearm. Nothing good can come of that. As Michael Fields, the other half of the Point/Counterpoint article, said “Vote yes in November” on initiative 295.

Leo Jones

Colorado Springs

Balance the playing field

Re: “America in the Twilight Zone”, the writer got it correct about there not being systematic racism in America and how the protests no longer have anything to do with racism. Their focus is promoting the left’s agenda of socialism being taught in many colleges and universities today.

If white privilege exists so does minority privilege, every time a decision is made to meet a hiring or admittance quota and not solely on the qualifications of the applicant. To balance the playing field and treat everyone equally all decisions need to be based only on the qualifications of the person, each of us given the same opportunity to succeed or fail.

Rick McCarter

Colorado Springs

This is not a new struggle

I have been dismayed and appalled by the number and tone of recent letters and columns published in The Gazette. It would seem that some citizens, claiming to represent “the silent patriotic majority”, apparently think that their citadel of white privilege is under serious assault. Without addressing the claims of injustice, oppression and police violence, they condemn the protesters and activists as far-left, antifa, and anarchist, without evidence, and would deny them rights supposed guaranteed them under the Constitution. They threaten that a “terrible toll” would be extracted from the demonstrators and the communities they represent since the patience of the “silent patriotic majority” is nearing exhaustion.

Condemnation is made of the protesters who deface and demand the removal of Confederate generals and government officials. Let me raise this question. Imagine a naive child, viewing such a statue in a heroic pose, and wondering what great and noble action did the portrayed figure accomplish? Who has been there to teach this child that the figure represents a traitor who betrayed their professional oath to protect the nation and defend the Constitution? Who, as a traitor, led the forces to support and maintain the institution of slavery? And, many of whom did not face punishment for their treasonous acts in the Civil War but were active in the continued oppression of the Black population after the war? No one would offer these historical facts to an innocent child. Remove and destroy these harmful and illusionary symbols.

Despite these recent disturbing expressions, I still hold the faith that the great patriotic majority of our population are decent people, who reject the inequity in our population and will support efforts to eliminate it, are sympathetic with the grievances the protesters present and who desire a society that does indeed represent the ideals that our Founding Fathers held, and commit themselves to express the “better angels” inherent in our best instincts. We stand at perhaps one of the most crucial points in this nation’s history. This is not a new struggle. Our nation has wrestled with these problems for a long time but now we perhaps can confront and surmount them. I hope that we advance on the pathway to becoming a society that does stand exemplary to the other nations of the world.

Michael J. Brabec

Colorado Springs


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