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Someone spray-painted abortion rights messages at Boulder’s Sacred Heart of Mary Church this week.

Where is the outrage?

This past week, Sacred Heart of Mary Church in Boulder, was the victim of religious discrimination vandalism when a likely group of spineless radical pro-abortionists spray-painted the church property based on their unhappiness with a possible U.S. Supreme Court decision with which they disagreed. The church was clearly targeted because of it’s stance on abortion. A similar vandalism incident occurred last September at the very same church.

Now we hear another group of pro-abortion activists, Ruth Sent Us, is specifically targeting Catholic Churches across the country for protests on Mothers Day. They even published the locations of the six Catholic U.S. Supreme Court Justices and promoted targeted protests at their homes. When asked to comment, the Biden administration spokesperson would not condemn the protests set to occur at the Justice’s individual residences. A third Group, Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights, also plans on disrupting Catholic services at Mass on Mothers Day.

A few questions. Where’s the outrage from Gov. Jared Polis concerning the incident in Boulder? Where’s his news conference on the steps of the church that this behavior will not be tolerated in our state or country? Where’s his remarks about being accepting of others and their diverse viewpoints? Where’s the full resources of the FBI being brought to bear on catching the individuals responsible for the damage, as well as making sure all U.S. citizens are allowed to practice their religion without interference, intimidation, or harm? Where’s President Biden’s (an alleged Catholic) news conference condemning the attacks on the Boulder Catholic Church and standing up for our third branch of government, the Justices on the Supreme Court?

The hypocrisy of the Democratic party, and their supporters, is set forth for all to see. I guess there is only outrage if it fits their particular narrative, just like their silence during the BLM “fiery, but mostly peaceful protests” in the summer of 2020. This is just another example in a growing list (border collapse, inflation, Afghanistan withdrawal disaster, loss of energy independence, authoritarian mask mandates, crime surge, etc.) of major Biden administration/Democratic failures, all in less than two years.

Please keep these failures in mind as you vote this fall for the individuals you want managing and running our local, state, and national government. You can make a difference and every person must try.

Patrick J. Kiernan

Colorado Springs

What teachers signed up for

I have seen so many letters lately about the children we are seeing in our classrooms. I am a retired teacher and I can say with certainty that as I left the classroom last year, the dynamics of this profession have definitely changed. When I started teaching 31 years ago there may be a difficult child here and there, behavior problems were not terribly common. By the time I retired, behavior problems were everywhere.

Families are falling apart and society is a mess. Schools aren’t even able to teach anymore, between all of the other things they are required to do. Fire drills, weather drills, lockdown drills, meetings, professional development, meetings, IEP meetings, 504 meetings, parent meetings, conferences, gathering data, district assessments, state assessments, curriculum assessments, social-emotional learning, more meetings, more professional development, and criticism galore.

When people used to say to me, “You knew what you signed up for,” I was so disappointed. I didn’t sign up for harassment from parents or 5,000 meetings every week. I didn’t sign up for dealing with kids that have been through trauma and had PTSD, thanks to unfit parents. I didn’t sign up for having desks thrown at me. I didn’t sign up for being hit by students. I didn’t sign up for parents that always blamed me for their child’s behavior. This job is no longer enjoyable or even do-able. It’s time to scratch how we approach education in this country. Too many policies and no common sense. It’s not working.

Diane Evans

Colorado Springs

Possible solution to a problem

The letter by Annette Simon on classroom behavior is shocking. I hope it awakens many parents.

I have a possible solution. Set up a rotating roster of parents and have them randomly visit the classroom. They could wear an identification lanyard and enter the classroom of a cooperating teacher and quietly remain seated and observe the conduct of lessons for a period of time, say an hour. Working parents likely will not meet objections from employers, as any one parent would not be required to give much time.

Why do I say this? I was a parent when there was no bus service at our daughter’s school, and a bus company was hired to provide service — with the stipulation that there had to be a parent on the bus. It is surprising the amount of mischief that can occur on a school bus. A roster was set up, and fathers and mothers took turns riding along. Parents’ eyes were opened, they met the friends and the trouble-makers with whom their child spent the day, and all was safe and peaceful.

Of course, this would need to take place randomly and quietly and without interfering with a teacher or it would fail. Instead of “take your child to work day,” it might be called “take a parent to school day.”

Janice Taylor

Colorado Springs

Parents must parent

I am begging and pleading... Parents, please parent your children. I love that my kids have neighbors to play with but I’m so tired of having to parent them while they are at my house because it is crystal clear that no actual parenting is happening at home. They just walk into my house, they are loud, they burp, they go to the pantry when they are hungry, they ask what I’m making them for lunch, they jump on my furniture. I’m so done with these neighbor kids. It’s hard enough parenting my own children, I’m not up to parenting yours too!

Teach them manners and self-control and respect. Teach them to listen to their friends’ parents. Teach them not to burp and fart in someone else’s house, right in front of the adults. Teach them to say please and thank you. Teach them to go home when they are told to. For the Love of God, parent your children!

Anne Hall

Colorado Springs

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