Virus Outbreak

Weaknesses in Parker’s column

Regarding “Get the vaccine and try to understand those who won’t,” the Colorado Springs Gazette, Dec. 28, Kathleen Parker, several questions come to the forefront as to the weakness of her premise.

When she writes, “This slide into servitude began with the vaccine and escalated with the various employment-based mandates that followed,” is she agreeing with that, or is she restating Tyler Fischer’s “spoof?”

Either way, of those who are “rabidly opposed to getting a shot,” she then writes, “I do understand the revulsion toward government mandates.” Revulsion? In what way? Parker continues that because “our warring spirit and a predilection to oppose authority precedes our arrival to these shores. We’re all rebels by virtue of most of us having crossed the pond, so to speak.” We’re “all rebels?” What a juvenile, inane argument to support a position that is causing people to become ill, and over 800,000 Americans to die.

What government oppression have they lived with all their lives, that being asked to wear a mask and get a shot has pushed them over the edge; to hit the streets, school board meetings, and so on?

The absurdity goes even further with, “ voluntary vaccination seems to me the only avenue for reconciliation.” Obviously not, since it clearly hasn’t worked, by her admission, after a year and a half of the pandemic.

Then Parker ends with “laughter at oneself, after all, is a sign of intelligence.” No, it’s not. What it is a sign of is, 90% of the time an acknowledgment that those making the jokes, and those laughing at the jokes, are admitting there is nothing else they can do about it.

Ken Valero


Sarcasm not needed or warranted

It is reassuring that The Gazette Editorial Board is using facts and statistics “in hindsight” by correctly quoting the UC hospital network that 80% of adults are now vaccinated. “Inside our hospitals we’re seeing the other 20% who are unvaccinated are making up the vast majority of our patients with COVID-19 … 93% of our COVID-19 patients ventilated in ICU’s are unvaccinated … many are immunocompromised.” The benefits of vaccination would seem pretty clear. End of story!

Instead, in your final sentence you criticize Dr. Anthony Fauci’s “hand wringing” and turn it into a snarky remark. Dr. Fauci uses scientific evidence every hour of every day to make intelligent predictions about what lies ahead in addition to what we know. Your sarcastic “…he’ll probably change his mind by tomorrow anyway…” was not needed or warranted.

Richard Serby

Colorado Springs

No one will ever listen

In reference to the letters in the Gazette on Dec. 28 (“We will always need fossil fuels” and “A trip to the Olympic Museum.”):

I have the greatest respect for the authors of those letters, they are both timely and they both tell the truth.

I wish I had written the letters; however, they are like writing about bicycle lanes and intercity rail service.

No one will listen or change their minds.

These advocates for electric vehicles most not have been Colorado Springs in the last week when all of my neighbors did not have power for five days. And more storms are sure to come all over the country in the future.

I do not have a particular dislike for electric vehicles; however, we travel extensively, (living in Arizona and Colorado) I have noticed that charging stations can be hard to find.

And I imagine repair service will be difficult to find for a while outside of larger cities. (A problem that will sooner or later be corrected.)

I also wonder, do these advocates for electric vehicles know how electricity is made or what a home charging station will cost on their home electric bills, which are going up all over the country.

In reference to the letter on the Olympic Museum, every word the gentlemen spoke was true and has been experienced by many of those wanting to visit museum. It is a museum that, I, and few other people will revisit, in my opinion.

I think this museum will never even break even and will need a public subsidy to stay open.

Nathaniel J. Gilmore III

Colorado Springs


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