We are playing with God’s grace

“My Christian faith leads me to believe God will be the one to decide when and how the world will end, not mankind.”

I received a letter in the mail, responding to another article I had written in a newspaper. It was about how my faith propelled me into climate activism and why the church should do its part in combating climate change, too.

It was apparent — the reality of climate change was clashing with the letter-writer’s faith. On one hand, there’s God’s grace, the notion that God always has the last word and the power to rescue us from ourselves. On the other hand, humans have the ability to push ourselves to the brink of desperation where it appears that grace can no longer save us. Must we deny climate change for the sake of being committed to a gracious God? Have we reached a theological impasse? Not at all.

First, we need not even discuss whether God is or isn’t the one to determine when the world will end; climate change isn’t about an impending apocalypse or doomsday. All we need to agree on is that we have a duty to alleviate or prevent the suffering of our brothers and sisters — suffering that will increase exponentially the longer we take to act on climate change.

Second, grace isn’t an invitation to act irresponsibility, free from concern of what our actions might do. There are costs to our choices and sometimes those costs are high, unbelievably high. We are playing with God’s grace when we handle our life-support system recklessly, assuming we’ll be saved if something goes wrong.

A faithful response to our ongoing environmental challenges is leading a life of devout and sincere stewardship. We ought not mistake ignoring climate change for being faithful and trusting in God’s grace.

Kelsey Grant

Colorado Springs

Leaving taxpayers with the tab?

How is the city planning to pay for Donald Trump’s upcoming visit? How much will it cost us? How can city officials assure repayment from his campaign? Has he paid for his last visit? An NBC article published in June indicates Trump still hasn’t paid for his last rally, so why is Colorado Springs opening its arms to him again?

Thursday, the president will be casting his shadow on our fair city. His authoritarian, strong arm tactics will be on full display. He will spew forth his hate speech, his lies and his divisive rhetoric and for at least one evening our city will be on full display for America to see. How embarrassingly sad this is.

As Trump demonstrates his unrestrained “victory” lap after his impeachment with revenge-motivated firings, baseless claims and the disregard of the rule of law and the Department of Justice, Colorado Springs will be on full display as the stage for this autocrat.

So, my question to the our city officials starting with our mayor: Since it seems you are again welcoming him and his gang of followers to roll into our city, creating a security nightmare for our law enforcement organizations and added expense to our community, do you at least have the backbone to make him pay his bill this time? Or are you going to roll over and allow him to con you and our city leaving taxpayers with the tab?

Tad Bear Wilson

Colorado Springs

Fair and balanced viewpoint

Thank you for your editorial on Feb. 13. (“Extremists take abortion rights beyond the womb”) I am a long-time subscriber to your newspaper and wish to comment on this fair and balanced viewpoint. As an 80-year-old grandmother to four great kids, I cringe when I think of how our country has changed.

We support a charity here in the Springs that helps women find alternatives to killing their unborn. It is called Life Network. May I suggest that you have one of your writers do an article about the good work this organization does to help women who are pregnant and need help.

Also, I would like to give a “shout out” to the delivery person who faithfully delivers the paper whether it is sunny, raining or snowing.

Dixie Muinch

Colorado Springs

A major challenge for many retirees

I am asking you not to support further degradation of military retiree medical benefits. The Defense Health Agency plans to present their request to Congress which offsets their force reduction of 18,000 DoD medical personnel by removing retirees from military treatment facilities. The nation is facing a growing shortage of physicians in the civilian community.

This proposal also threatens the loss of retiree’s pharmacy benefits at MTF pharmacies. DHA states retirees will not be released until they have a civilian provider. Retirees forced out under TRICARE for Life at the age of 65 know the challenge of finding a provider willing to add another Medicare eligible patient to their practice.

This proposal unfairly puts the burden of DHA’s misguided realignment on the backs of the retired enlisted men and women who are paying for their medical benefits through TRICARE. The prospect of paying additional exorbitant co-pays when disenrolled from MTFs will be a major challenge for many enlisted retirees. DHA’s plans will also increase the VA’s workload as disenrolled military retirees seek the majority of their primary care at local VA clinics.

I encourage you to seek bipartisan support to stand with military retirees facing the continual erosion of promised benefits.

Keith Anderson

Colorado Springs

Darkness of daylight saving time

I read the article in the Feb 14 Gazette concerning another try to get Colorado on daylight saving time year round. This would be a disaster in the making not only for the ski industry, but schoolchildren during the winter. Having experienced temporary daylight saving time all year in the early 1970s, it was dark until nearly 8:30 a.m. This meant schoolchildren who walked to school were walking in the dark. Considering that some pedestrians have been killed walking in the hours of midnight to 2 a.m. crossing streets, I shudder to think what would happen when children cross streets in the dark to get to school. Yes, there are crossing guards, but most motorists treat them like a nuisance rather than a safety shield for children getting to school.

Write your senator to kill Senate Bill 105 or amend it to have standard time year round.

Val Tenhaeff

Colorado Springs

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