Vaccine resistant strains

Colorado is doing a great job of vaccinating its residents and as of now 25% are fully or partially protected. Approximately 20% of Coloradans have had the COVID-19 infection so together 45% are now immune. The vaccines work-there are very few reports of a vaccinated person becoming infected with COVID-19. This is a strong herd of immunized people.

Unfortunately a large percentage of our citizens are vaccine hesitant or vaccine refusers. This creates a different herd of susceptible members.

As science reports ongoing concerns with COVID-19 variants it is possible that these viral mutations may circulate amongst the non-immune and create vaccine resistant strains.

If this occurs the immunized pool will find their vaccine status will no longer be protective.

I urge all Coloradans receive the vaccine to promote the common good and as a signal of respect and protection towards their fellow citizens.

No one wants to return to another lockdown. If we work together we can beat this enemy.

John O’Keeffe M.D.

Colorado Springs

Blame it on Mother Nature

Joe Biden blamed Mother Nature (wind) for making him fall three times going up the stairs to Air Force One.

Perhaps he should also consider blaming Mother Nature (climate) for tornadoes, hurricanes, cold weather, hot weather, rain, snow, drought and of course climate change; instead of blaming it on cows, fossil fuels and humans! I’m just saying.

Fran Pitaro

Colorado Springs

Intersection repair was efficient

My husband and I would like to put out a big thank you to the Colorado Springs Utility workers and police department, and anyone else who worked 24/7 from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening repairing the water main break at the intersection of Academy Boulevard and Maizeland Road. We lost our water service Friday afternoon. It was repaired by Sunday night!

They are still working on repairing the intersection. It’s going to be another few days until the busy intersection will be completed in order for motorists to use it.

Thank you all again! We appreciate your wonderful service!

Jim and Cathy Callaway

Colorado Springs

Comments on Boulder shooting

One thing we can all agree on — we all hate gun violence.

Here’s a riddle: Could the Boulder tragedy have been prevented if the King Soopers had been a “gun-free” zone? I doubt it.

On a different note, please stop with the headlines looking for a “motive”.

Sane people, of course, want to know what motivated the killer. He is a homicidal maniac. He didn’t need a motive. Quit looking for one.

Finally, I want to thank you for printing John Caldara’s excellent article, “This shooting was too close to home” in Sunday’s Gazette.

Bruce Foster

Colorado Springs

Losing track of immigrants

I read Stephen Chapman’s recent piece in the Gazette on the current border immigration crisis. I mostly agree with Chapman’s general conclusion that we should make legal immigration easier, and make it more difficult to immigrate illegally. But I just cannot let one statement of Chapman’s pass without comment.

He writes: “Last fall, we learned the horrifying truth that the Trump administration had lost track of the parents of 545 children...”

Now I’m no expert, but isn’t that pretty much how the entire illegal immigration process works? Due to system housing capacity, many immigrants are released with orders to appear at a future immigration status hearing. But many of them fail to show because they’ve deliberately gone underground, in order to stay without permission. Isn’t that the case?

Are concerned parents not able to continue to check in with ICE and provide their contact information? So I must ask, will Chapman be equally ‘horrified’ if he bothers to see how many parents the Biden administration may lose track of?

Dave Schouweiler

Cañon City

Opting out of the vaccine

Regarding Kathleen Parker’s diatribe against Conservatives’ resistance to the COVID-19 “vaccine”, she is way out of line. Parker is essentially calling those who opt out of this “experimental biologic agent” (EBA) that she calls a vaccine, are ignorant, stubborn or both. She rants that Republicans don’t follow the science and resist the EBA because either they don’t trust it and/or the government dictates that we all should follow in lock-step in order to be “protected”.

When getting the first EBA shot, you are given a raft of information including the fact that the EBA is approved for emergency use only, that the producers of it can’t tell you if you will be protected or for how long and that you subject yourself to it at your own risk (informed consent). There is a lot of science out there regarding this disease and the EBA that is supposed to save us all and much of it is contradictory.

Yes, many have died over the last 12 months. But how many of those deaths were due to this virus alone is questionable. Subjecting oneself to a potentially harmful experimental drug is a very personal decision that we as Americans (at least right now) have the right to accept or reject and no one, including left-leaning journalists, has any right to tell us what to do with our bodies.

Judy Hufford



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