Two governors’ performances

We just watched Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, give his daily press conference. While not a supporter, we must commend him for the professional job he is doing during the COVID-19 crisis. Everything he said was backed by a slide that showed the facts and data he mentioned. Compare that with the news conferences our governor gives that have no slides and are filled with vague references to supposed facts and data his “experts” have come up with to justify his actions.

The one governor has the largest health crisis in this country and the other isn’t even in the top 10. As Gov. Cuomo said, if you don’t show people your facts, they think you are up to something. Again, Colorado is not even in the top 10 of states with positive COVID-19 cases. We need to put our epidemic in perspective with the rest of the nation, and we need to put the rest of Colorado in perspective to Denver. We are not about to become the next Italy. Gov. Polis, stop lecturing us and bombarding us with hidden data and start leading.

David and Janice Geuting

Colorado Springs

Polis’ destructive policies

I just have one question, who died and made Jared Polis king? Did I miss the coronation?

Well maybe two questions, does he call Gavin Newsom in California before he makes any decision for Colorado?

EDITORIAL: Trump should make daily coronavirus updates more useful

Destroy the oil and gas industry — check. Destroy the auto industry with electric cars California emission standards — check. Kill the death penalty, become Nathan Dunlop’s new BFF — check. Use the coronavirus to destroy the rest of Colorado’s businesses — check.

Read in The Gazette the list of Polis’ approved critical businesses, hospitals, banks, grocery stores and, of course, pot shops. Way to go, dude!

You people who voted for this guy are getting what you deserve. Unfortunately, the rest of are being dragged along.

Robert Bee

Colorado Springs

Small businesses taking the brunt

In just two weeks, the spread of COVID-19 has shut down thousands of small businesses across the state, and without the support of Congress, many — including my own — might never open again.

For years, I have been advocating for my business and my employees by speaking with elected officials and the media about the importance of affordable health care and paid leave policies in the small-business community. We are getting the message that we should maintain our employees and payroll, but in the best of times, our profit margins are small. I am having to make painful decisions about which of my valued employees I let go, since I can no longer pay all of them with no sales. Payroll and rent will be coming out of my savings until my savings are drained.

The small-business community is taking the brunt of the fallout from business closures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and we need support. Expanded disaster relief loans — as proposed by the stimulus package going through Congress — are not enough. We have been diligently contributing to the economy and supporting our communities for too long to be overlooked by Congress in our greatest time of need. We cannot take on more debt to stay afloat. Without government grants, Colorado will lose incredibly valuable members of our economy.

Tracy duCharme

Colorado Springs

Impact the country in positive way

The leader of this great nation should put the people of this wonderful nation first. What is done in the Oval Office should impact this country in a winning manner. Perhaps the best method to do this is to keep upbeat, emphasize the good, keep the people informed, stress what is going right but acknowledge the problems, offer valid solutions for the problems and above all keep that optimistic attitude. Mr. President, keep up the good work. You have tested positive for the USA.

Roger Weed

Colorado Springs

Prepare for future virus outbreaks

Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx of the president’s coronavirus task force say that the virus might return seasonally.

Seniors (like me) and other people with underlying medical conditions don’t want to be confined repeatedly.

Colorado Springs companies that have the capability and the capital might consider developing a face shield apart from face masks that these people could wear to get out of their isolation and into society in times of a reappearance of the virus.

James Sayler

Colorado Springs

Pandemic is out of Pandora’s box

“Is the Coronavirus as deadly as they say” — Wall Street Journal.

We have sent the U.S. and world economies into a recession or worse for a “pandemic” that is probably no worse than the flu. The CDC estimates that this flu season 36 million will be infected and of those 22,000 will die in the U.S. alone.

If this WSJ article is confirmed in the coming weeks, we will have done damage to the economies of the world that will take years from which to recover. In addition, the media, governments, WHO, CDC, etc. will lose credibility. When the next C-# virus or worse comes along, we might not have the resources to fight it or the credibility to get the cooperation we need to confine it. The pandemic is out of Pandora’s box. I hope we learn to be more rational next time.

Timothy ODonnell

Colorado Springs

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