Justice League

Trying to keep pace with technology

In a fast-paced world where knee-jerk reactions limited to 280 characters are quickly becoming the most common form of communication, presidential debates are relegated to theater meant to garner soundbites, and the acronym TL;DR (Too Long Didn’t Read) has become accepted even on websites meant to facilitate discussion and learning, Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” is the four-hour movie that our shrinking attention spans need right now. Anyone who streams this release on HBO Max will realize that the “Justice League” movie was originally almost a cinematic masterpiece that was turned into a monstrosity through bad choices.

As computing power continues to increase, and more intelligent systems are put in place by big tech to feed us the content we like, the shows we’ll enjoy, the shirts we’ll likely buy, and the arguments we’ll probably engage in, life continues to speed up for average humans.

It’s an impossible task for our minds to try to keep pace with technology. As miraculous and mysterious as our brains are, they aren’t computers. Trying to keep pace and think at the speed of Google is only going to cause us more harm than good.

Humans are meant to think, reason, ponder, imagine, and create. Our minds require that we take our time and consider what we’ve learned or experienced. While there are vast benefits in having limitless information at our fingertips, we have to ensure that the technology remains the product while we remain the consumers.

More long-form discussions, debates, and even four-hour movies are just what our society needs right now. I, for one, hope to see a return to movies that require an intermission. It’s a great way to ensure a future that’s more “Star Trek” and less “Idiocracy.”

JD Brooks


Boiling in the political hot tub

So, fellow citizens, how the water temperature? Notice anything changing? Think you are lounging comfortably in the political hot tub being offered for “free” by your current administration and Congress?

Ever heard of the boiling frog idiom? It goes something like this: if a frog is placed in boiling water it will jump out. But, if a frog is placed in tepid water and the water is then heated slowly to a boil the frog will complacently cook to death.

You, dear citizens, are the “frog”; the Congress is providing the “water” in the form of trillion-dollar bills with misleading, feel-good titles. Not to worry; you won’t pay anything now, but the debt will come due slowly, insidiously as the water temperature (read: taxes) is turned up, and our children and grandchildren will have no idea how and when they lost either their income or their freedom.

Enjoy the political hot tub being offered for your pleasure by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. If you are wise, you will bring your thermometer or you will eventually be an ingredient in the resulting “socialist stew.”

Bert Bergland

Colorado Springs

Misinterpreting the law

To the attendees of “Keep America Free and Open”: According to the article in the Gazette, one of your members stated the Federal Supreme Court’s Maybury vs. Madison ruling (1803) as giving individual American citizens the right to ignore laws they feel are “repugnant” to the Constitution and instead abide by “natural law”.

A little American history lesson here — the Marbury vs. Madison ruling establishes the principle of judicial review, which gives courts, not individual Americans, the power to declare a law, or government action, unconstitutional. There is nothing in it that empowers individual citizens to ignore a law and abide by “natural law.” Please don’t get yourselves in trouble by pleading that before a judge!

Betty Fannin

Colorado Springs

Meghan and Harry’s horrible lives

So citizen Meghan states in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that she, “...knew nothing about what was going to be expected of her as a working royal...”

Yeah. Sure. Right.

Let’s see: she accepts the engagement proposal of, then marries an heir to the throne of England, the son of likely the most tragic, endlessly press-covered and photographed woman on the planet Earth in the last 40 years (Princess Diana), and yet she doesn’t understand (or even make enquiries as to) what her life will be like as a royal. By her admission, she didn’t even know she was supposed to curtsy to the Queen of England.

Yeah. Sure. Right.

Citizen Meghan and her new husband, (it has been alleged) are nothing more than common grifters. She, grifting by marrying Harry and convincing him to move to Canada (then, America) and having him “step back” from his royal duties and Harry grifting by (at least once, publicly) cornering Disney CEO Bob Iger at the London premiere of “The Lion King” last January, hustling Iger to give his wife a job with voiceovers.

Now, Harry and Meghan Spencer (reportedly) have a lucrative financial agreement with Netflix similar to that of former President Barack Obama and the former first lady, and have purchased a home in the very toney, exclusive berg of Montecito, Calif. living among the ultrawealthy Hollywood elites.

How simply horrible their lives are.

John Erskine

Colorado Springs

Gun control isn’t about crime

The efforts by the Joe Biden administration and Congress to enact draconian forms of gun control have nothing to do with crime!

It’s all about people control! If they were serious about crime, they would be focused on the criminals who commit crimes with guns. Instead, they want to take guns from honest, law-abiding citizens, the ones who don’t commit crimes in the first place.

The goal of the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress is to disarm law-abiding citizens so they will be free to turn America into a Socialist/Communist cesspool without the fear of resistance from loyal, Americans who believe in and support our Constitution. No, it is not about crime!

Harry Edmunds

Colorado Springs


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